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In addition to the annual Summer Reading Challenge, JMRL offers reading challenges throughout the year on our Beanstack website and mobile app. Register for a Beanstack account using the Beanstack Tracker App or our Beanstack website.

You can log reading ANYTIME through our Beanstack app or website, but only reading logged on dates during an active challenge will count towards that challenge.

Go to to get started!

How do I create a free account?

Go to, under Create an Account, choose Register an Individual or Family.  You can register only yourself, or if you're the parent of a child, you can either register just the child, or both of you on a family account.  Follow the instructions and you'll earn a signup badge, along with the chance to register for a current reading challenge.  As JMRL introduces later challenges, you can keep your same account and not have to register again.

How do I create a family account?

You can register multiple family members under one account. Follow the same instructions in the above question. It's recommended that an adult register first, and when that account is created, children and other family members can each be added as “readers.”  There will be multiple readers under one login.

Do I need to provide an email address to register on Beanstack?

You can create your account with just a username and password if you'd like.  But if you participate in challenges that offer prize drawings, you'll want to provide either an email address or a phone number so JMRL can contact you if you win!

I think I created an account for an earlier challenge, but I don’t remember the password. Should I create a new account?

If you provided your email address when you signed up, go to, click Sign In, and click Forgot Your Password? If you did not provide an email address, check with the staff at your nearest JMRL location for assistance in resetting your password.

Do I have to provide all the information requested when signing up for an account?

The boxes with a red asterisk next to them are the only ones that are required. You’re welcome to fill out the information in other boxes if you want to, but those are optional.

Can I access Beanstack on my phone or other device?

Yes! Beanstack Tracker is a mobile app that is free for iOS and Android users.

You can add it from Apple's App Store or Google Play. When it's on your device, you can log in with your Beanstack username and password, and log your reading and activities there.

If you like, you can also quickly add titles to your log by using your camera to scan ISBN barcodes for books you've read.

How do I get prizes I've earned in the challenges?

Each time you reach a reading milestone in your challenge, you'll earn a badge to celebrate your achievement. In some challenges, a badge may come with a prize. If you've earned one of those badges, you'll be notified that there is a prize waiting for you to pick up at your local branch.

If the challenge has a grand prize drawing at the end, you will be notified by JMRL staff if your name is drawn as a winner.

I have other questions. What do I do?
Summer Challenge 2024


Adventure into reading this summer! 

Join the challenge at or at your JMRL branch.  Pre-register starting May 28, 2024.

How it works

Read books and complete activities to earn points to redeem for prizes! Choose your own path on three summer library adventure challenges: 

Ocean Adventure Challenge in English or Spanish: June 3 to August 31 
Forest Adventure Challenge in English or Spanish: June 24 to August 31 
Arctic Adventure Challenge in English or Spanish: July 15 to August 31 

During each challenge, earn 10 points to receive a prize and an entry into the grand prize drawing. Earn points by logging books you read OR by completing activities. Each book logged or activity completed is worth 2 points.

Challenge prizes 

You can pick up prizes you've earned at any JMRL location. For each challenge completed, the prizes are:

For kids ages 0 to 12: a book AND a summer reading brag tag 
For teens (13 and older) and adults: choose between a vinyl sticker, a journal, OR a book. 

Continue earning points by logging reading and completing activities through August 31. Participants can earn a maximum of 90 points, equating to 9 entries in the grand prize drawings.

Grand prize drawings 

Branch grand prize: $75 gift card 
Each branch will draw a grand prize winner in each age group: kids 0-12, teens 13-18, and adults 19 and up. 

Regional grand prize: iPad 
One regional grand prize winner will be drawn for each age group. 
The grand prize winners will be drawn after August 31, 2024.



Smokey Bear Challenge


Help Smokey celebrate his 80th birthday by learning how to prevent wildfires and help the environment! Participate on beanstack or download a paper challenge log

Start the challenge by taking Smokey’s Pledge. Read 3 books on wildfire prevention or the environment and earn 4 activity badges to complete the challenge and earn your prize! Badges are earned by completing at least one activity in each section. You can select books from Smokey's Reading List, or choose your own. 

The Smokey Bear Reading Challenge will be open from May 1, 2024 to November 28, 2024.



1000 Books Before Kindergarden

Build a reader. JMRL can help your child be ready to learn to read. It's easy and it's fun with 1000 Books Before Kindergarten. 

Get started now with Beanstack to log progress. 

Use these sheets for marking progress - the first 50 books

Find more: Books 51 - 100 | Books 101 - 200 | Books 201 - 300 | Books 301 - 400 | Books 401 - 500 | Books 501 - 600 | Books 601 - 700 | Books 701 - 800 | Books 801 - 900 | Books 901 - 1000




100 Books Before Graduation

For ages 11-18

Read to relax. Read for school. Read for information. Read for FUN!

With 100 Books Before Graduation, you can read for all of those reasons - and many more! Get a good start on your future and join in! Start in middle school, read at your own pace, and log 100 books by the time you finish high school.

Earn prizes as you go along - you’ll get a free book when you’ve completed the challenge!

  • 10 books - a vinyl sticker
  • 30 books - a string backpack
  • 60 books - a bookplate to put in a library book of your choice, that you would recommend to others
  • 100 books - a free book

Log your progress on Beanstack, and follow along with the 100 Books brochure to list all the titles you read. The brochure is also available at all JMRL locations .

Get started right away! Signup and materials available beginning on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.


Watch for more challenges throughout the year

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