Young Adult Books for Grades 6-7

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YA Berry, Julie The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place

When the headmistress of their boarding school and her brother fall over dead during Sunday dinner, the students band together, attempting to cover up the apparent murders to avoid being sent back home to their families. These proper young ladies find themselves going to ever-greater lengths to keep the secret as events spiral out of their control in this Victorian farce.

YA/YA PB Brewer, Heather Eighth Grade Bites

Vladimir Tod is the orphaned son of a vampire and a human, and when a new teacher seems to know a great deal about him, he wonders if his secret is about to be exposed. The first book in the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series.

YA Erskine, Kathryn The Absolute Value of Mike

Mike spends the summer in Pennsylvania with some eccentric elderly relatives and becomes involved with others in town in a fundraising project to bring a romanian orphan to the U.S.

YA Carriger, Gail Etiquette & Espionage

Sophronia’s curtsy is atrocious, but her spying skills are highly developed. Luckily Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing School is not your ordinary finishing school. Its faculty includes a vampire and a werewolf, and the curriculum includes, what else, etiquette and espionage.

YA Federle, Tim Better Nate Than Ever

In 13-year-old Nate’s hometown, he’s more likely to belt out a Broadway tune than toss a football. His passion for the theater encourages him to hop a bus to New York, hoping to try out for E.T.: The Musical.

YA Gleason, Colleen The Clockwork Scarab

Sherlock Holmes’ niece and Bram Stoker’s sister team up in an effort to solve the mysterious disappearances of some of English society’s most prominent young women. Can they save the missing girls before they become victims themselves?

J/YA Hale, Shannon and Dean Rapunzel's Revenge

In this graphic novel retelling of the Rapunzel legend, our heroine frees herself from the tower and uses her smarts (and her long, braided hair!) to battle the bad guys with a Wild West flair. Calamity Jack is a companion book about her compatriot with the golden goose and magic beans.

YA Hartman, Rachel Seraphina

Dragons and humans have lived in an uneasy truce for 40 years. As the treaty anniversary nears, a member of the royal family is murdered, apparently by a dragon, threatening the fragile peace. Seraphina, who has joined the court as assistant to the Music Master, finds herself drawn into the investigation and close contact with Prince Lucien Kiggs, Captain of the Queen’s Guard. But Seraphina has a secret of her own, one that puts her in danger from both humans and dragons alike.

YA Hiaasen, Carl Chomp

Wahoo and his dad Mickey, a professional animal wrangler, are hired by a reality survival TV show to provide animals for the host to tangle with, but the term “reality” might be an exaggeration in terms of what’s actually happening.

YA Hiaasen, Carl Flush

When Noah's dad is imprisoned after sinking a floating casino, he and his sister look for evidence that the owner is emptying his waste tanks into the ocean.

YA/YTA PB Higson, Charlie Silverfin

In this first book in the Young Bond series, the future Agent 007 has his first adventure at boarding school, when he takes part in a search to find a boy who disappeared while fishing at a Scottish loch.

YA Kontis, Alethea Enchanted

When Sunday, the youngest of the Woodcutter sisters befriends an enchanted frog, little does she realize that her farewell kiss one evening will break the spell and release the prince. As the prince tries to win Sunday’s heart, she finds herself in the midst of a dangerous adventure. Can Sunday save the prince and the entire kingdom? Follow the further adventures of the Woodcutter Sisters in Hero and Dearest.

YA/YA PB Krumwiede, Lana Freakling

In Taemon’s world, most people possess a telekinesis called psi, which allows them to move objects with their minds. When he hears strange, prophetic voices and uses his power to save his brother, he discovers he no longer has the power and risks being banished to another place. The story continues in Archon.

YA/YA PB Magoon, Kekla The Rock and the River

Fourteen-year-old Sam is caught up in the Civil Rights action in 1968 Chicago. He is torn between his father's nonviolent approach and his older brother's involvement with the Black Panthers. Can these extremes be reconciled?

YA/YA PB Mull, Brandon Fablehaven

When Kendra and Seth arrive at their grandfather's estate, they discover that magical creatures also reside there, complete with conflicts between good and evil. The first title in the Fablehaven series.

YA/YA PB Nielsen, Jennifer The False Prince

Street-wise orphan Sage is recruited by Conner, an ambitious nobleman, to impersonate the King’s long-lost son. He and the other orphans chosen for the scheme play a dangerous game, be chosen to play the part of the prince or die. But Sage has secrets of his own. And when the truth is revealed the danger really begins.

YA/YA PB Oppel, Kenneth Airborn

After rescuing a dying balloonist, a cabin boy aboard an airship joinjs the balloonist's granddaughter in her mission to track down the mysterious winged creatures described in her grandfather's diary. The story continues in Skybreaker and Starclimber.

YA/YA PB Osa, Nancy Cuba 15

Preparation for Violet's quinceañera gives her more incentive to explore her Cuban heritage, but members of her family are reluctant to share some aspects of it.

YA Pearson, Ridley Steel Trapp: The Challenge

While traveling by train to a science competition, Steel becomes caught in the middle of a dangerous plot that may have terrorist connections. The story continues in Steel Trapp: The Academy

J/YA PB Sachar, Louis Holes

Stanley Yelnats is sent to an evil detention center in the Texas desert.

YA Sanderson, Brandon The Rithmatist

In a world where Rithmatists create magical defenses and creatures with chalk drawings, Joel, a chalk maker’s son, studies everything he can about the magical art even though he has not been chosen to be a Rithmatist. When Rithmatics students start disappearing, his knowledge may be the key to solving the mystery.

YA Schmidt, Gary Okay For Now

Nothing is going right for Doug. Friendless, bullied by his own family, and new in town, he begins to hang out in the local library, where he meets tough talking Lil Spicer. The librarian sparks Doug's interest in art and the paintings of John James Audubon. Through his new connections, Doug gradually finds a way to both stand up for himself and understand the battles everyone around him is fighting.

YA Scott, Michael The Alchemyst

Twins Sophie and Josh find themselves in the middle of a centuries-old conflict between two alchemists over a powerful book with the secret formulas for alchemy and immortality.

YA Sheth, Kashmira Keeping Corner

In India in 1918, 12-year-old Leela is looking forward to moving in with the family of the husband she married three years ago. When he dies suddenly, she is forced to assume the traditional role and customs of a widow, but a caring teacher and the political reform efforts of a young Gandhi allow Leela to still have some dreams about the future.

YA/YA PB Stroud, Jonathan The Screaming Staircase

First book in the Lockwood & Co. series. In an alternate London where the dead refuse to stay dead, the teenage operatives at the Lockwood & Co. Psychic Detection Agency fight a growing epidemic of ghosts.

YA/YA PB Westerfeld, Scott Leviathan

Austrian prince Alek is on the run from the Clankers, who are trying to conquer the world with machines, and joins Deryn, a girl disguised as a boy in the British Air Services learning to fly a genetically engineered whale-like creature. The first in the Leviathan Adventure series.

YA Wrede, Patricia The Thirteenth Child

In an alternate society, Eff is a thirteenth child, which is supposed to be bad luck, but when her family moves to a frontier area, she has the opportunity to use her powers to battle evil magical creatures. The first book in the The Frontier Magic series.

YA Wright, Bil When the Black Girl Sings

Lahni struggles with being the only African-American student at a private girls' school and the impending divorce of her adoptive parents. Discovering her talent for singing helps her to deal with the issues she faces.


92 Paulsen, Gary Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian Books

Are you a fan of Gary Paulsen's Hatchet and its follow-ups? Read the real stories that inspired them!

732.7092 Sheinkin, Steve Lincoln's Grave Robbers

The story of a plot hatched by some counterfeiters in 1876 to rob Abraham Lincoln's body from its grave and hold it for ransom to secure the release of their ringleader from prison.

910.45 McPherson, Stephanie S Iceberg Right Ahead: the Tragedy of the Titanic

An illustrated account of the Titanic story, from its construction to its sinking in 1912, and the changes that came about as a result of the tragedy.

910.92 Armstrong, Jennifer Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World

The true story of explorer Ernest Shackleton, who with his crew was stranded in the Antarctic ice pack in 1915 with no ship and no way to contact the outside world.