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NaNoWriMo at JMRL

NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month, and takes place annually from November 1-30. During this time, writers can challenge themselves to write a novel (50,000 words or more) before the month is through. On their website, writers can register for NaNoWriMo and have access to lots of great resources including coaches, reminders, word counts, and more, and can also get in touch with their local writing communities. Below, check out some of the books NaNoWriMo.org recommends for getting you through your 30-day novel!

NaNoWriMo Events at JMRL

See the JMRL calendar for a current list of writing events.

Books We Love: A Reading List from NaNoWriMo.org

See this list on their website [1].

070.52 Eckstut
153.35 Cameron
808.02 Bradbury
808.02 Embree
808.02 Goldberg
808.02 King and 92 King, Stephen
808.02 Lamott
808.02 Sims

Writing Groups at JMRL

You can also find us on Meetup.com

For Adults

  • Green Pen Poets
Fourth Thursdays at 6:00pm (please see the current schedule for specific dates).
Northside's first poetry group! A supportive, fun, enriching critique workshop for adults open to poets of all levels. We will respond to one another’s work, share favorite poems by published writers, discuss the art and craft of poetry, and seek inspiration in each other and everywhere in our lives. If you love to write and talk poetry, please join us. Ages 18+. Email csmith@jmrl.org to register.

Writing Resources:

Below you’ll find some writing resources that you can use to help inspire your writing:

Books and Materials at JMRL

808.02 Barry
808.02 Cameron
A great way to become inspired to write by the author of The Artist’s Way. Includes advice on writing, and prompts to get you started.
808.02 Fry
Find your own process of writing to find a style that works for you, allowing you more creativity and productivity.
808.02 Gutkind
808.02 Hambleton
Although geared toward teen authors, this book covers a lot of topics on writing in a short book, which also includes some great writing prompts.
808.02 Hanley
Not just for teens, this book is a great introduction to writing, from how to free your imagination to how to form characters, realistic settings, and understand plotting.
808.02 Higgins
808.042 Benke
A great way to think outside of the box and just start writing. Good for teens through adults.
808.042 Clark
If you want your writing to be more concise, or just prefer short forms of writing, this book has great exercises and advice on improving it.
808.066 Kephart
Exercises to get you thinking about writing your memoir.
808.1 Kooser
Good for beginners, this books offers great advice and inspiration on writing poetry.
808.23 Walter
UCLA Professor Richard Walter goes over what goes into a good screenplay, including chapters on dialogue, character, plotting, format, and script sales.
808.3 Abercrombie
Both books have plenty of prompts and creative exercises that work for the creative fiction and nonfiction writing alike.
808.3 Casey
808.3 George
Famed mystery writer Elizabeth George gives her take on the writing process and writing tips that she offers to students in her creative writing classes.
808.3 Gerke
808.3 Obstfeld
Learn how to make scenes memorable by using point of view, character and theme focus, how to structure a scene, and use setting to make your scene feel believable.
808.3 Writer’s
A great handbook for general novel writing, with chapters by well-known authors.
821.08 Making
A great collection of poetic forms with a background to each form, and examples of each, in addition to poetic devices commonly used in poetry,
Check out current and back issues of Writer’s Digest magazine electronically to your mobile device using Zinio and your JMRL Library Card. Or come into the Central or Gordon Avenue Library to read the most current issue, and bring home the back issues for later!

Also see: Books for Teen Writers

Great Websites for Writing Prompts

Publishing Resources

Resources that cover self-publishing and traditional publishing.

070.573 Luke
Learn how to publish, market, and sell your own e-book.
070.593 Hamilton
This guide takes you through each step of self-publishing, from e-books to print on demand.
808.02 Amir
A great book that covers how to develop marketable ideas for books as well as how to prepare books that publishers will be interested in and how to self-publish effectively.
808.02 Comfort
An inside look at the publishing industry that will help aspiring authors navigate the pitfalls that many aspiring authors have navigated. Learn how to work with agents, publishers, and critics, deal with rejection and success, and navigate traditional and self-publishing.
808.02 Writer's
Information about market trends; guidelines to writing fiction, nonfiction or scripts that sell; marketing and self-promotion strategies; looking at self-publishing options; contract negotiation tips.

Publishing Market Resources

Note: Some items may not circulate. Check description in catalog to see if book is available for in-library use or for check-out. If “R” comes before call number, that indicates it is in the non-circulating reference collection.

070.52 Guide
029.6 Writer’s and R 029.6 Writer’s
070.5 Poet’s
808 Novel