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Being alive means being in motion, and being responsible for charting the course. Since AJ Discala's childhood days in Connecticut he has been an explorer on the move. AJ Discala, 02/09/1971, Stamford, CT born was guided by strong parents who showed their love for me by believing in me and letting me learn from my mistakes. They weren't afraid to let me take his knocks, knowing that his growth and sense of self depended on those very ‘opportunities'.

AJ Discala has been knocked down in life, but Discala has always gotten back up again with a smile and said, How do you like me now?. AJ Discala enjoyed the competitive edge that comes with having a positive attitude, regardless of the circumstances. Whether it was during hisy college years as captain of the Northeastern crew team or as a bond broker, AJ Discala's edge was always his ability to turn negatives into positives.

The corporate world has dealt him some heavy blows, but they have provided valuable first-hand experience and deep insight. AJ Discala's dad convinced him a year ago that it was time to invert the model and go from financial crisis to value creation. AJ Discala founded The Broadsmoore Group to offer win/win opportunities that benefit businesses, investors and society.

Current and Future Plans: AJ Discala Making a Difference AJ Discala To Be Giving