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A collection of short reminiscences, many of them specially commissioned for the volume, that highlight unexpected encounters in remote and exotic locations. There are lots of "a perfect stranger went out of his way to help me..." stories, but most are much subtler and more faceted and introduce whole new ways of looking at unfamiliar places and new reasons travel is thought to make us better people. The pieces are exciting, moving, and thoughtful and most short enough to enjoy over a work break.
599.222 Flannery, Tim
Travelling across Australia the author meets scientists, fossil hunters, kangaroo advocates and hunters.
796.51 Forsthoefel, Andrew
A coming-of-age on a journey through America.
796.52 Whitely, Kara
A woman resolves to re-climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, despite recently gaining weight.
796.6 Weber, Bruce
On a solo ride across the USA, an obituary writer chronicles his trip.
796.64 Benson, Brian
Brian doesn't know what to do with his life, so he decides to follow the woman of his dreams on a bicycle trip across the US.
814.54 Solnit, Rebecca
In this series of essays, learn how the author embraced the unkown.
910.4 Bensen, Clara
Eight countries in three weeks with a newly met friend and no set plans.