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We read to escape, to go new places. Sometimes the characters themselves just need to move on and find something new, something different, something wonderful, whether they go by land, by air, or by sea.

An investigator examines the relationship between dreams and near-death experiences, one involving the last hours of the Titanic.
The author uses several journeys to memorably invoke the martian landscape: a circumnavigation by two lovers in a modified dirigible, a journey on foot and skis by a dissident group to refuge at the polar cap, and a race through the giant canyons ahead of floodwaters created in a nuclear attack.
With the owner out of town, two hired men and the grandson set off from Yoknapatawpha County to Memphis, in a 1910 Pierce Arrow.
A photo-journalist and her father take off in a mobile home to document Montana for its Centennial celebration.
An author (also named Marianne Wiggins) has written a novel based on the life of Edward Curtis, the Seattle-based photographer of native Americans, and travels to Las Vegas to discover secrets about her own life.