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Creating a user account and editing JMRL Reads: A Wiki for Sharing Information About Books for Readers of All Ages (adapted from

Getting started

  • Anyone can edit JMRL Reads. Do you want to help edit and add to the Wiki? You need to create an account to edit these pages. Please send an email to Hayley, and provide your real name and your requested username. The administrator will send you an email with your username and password (which you should change on initial login). That's it! Please feel free to add new categories, new pages, and edit content already here. You can also add external links, as appropriate. If you are an author, please do not promote your own books on the wiki.
  • Additionally, we encourage you to schedule a tutorial if you'd like extra help learning how to edit and add to the wiki.

Check Links

  • Checking links is so helpful to make sure that our pages and booklists are up-to-date. If a link is dead or goes to the wrong page, check to see if the book is still in the library's catalog. If it is, please change the link so that it goes to the correct book. If it is no longer in the catalog, delete that entry.
  • Keep track of the wiki pages that you have checked on the "discussion" section to make notes on when pages are checked. If there is a question about something on the page, this is also a good place to keep track of that. If you want to call the admin's attention to something on a discussion page, contact the administrator.

Editing an existing page

  • When you are logged in, you will see an "edit" tab just above the page title. Click this to get a screen with the "code" for the page and a row of editing buttons. On pages with multiple sections, you can also click links marked "Edit" beside section titles.
  • The simplest thing to do is to copy a section of the text whose format you want to follow, paste it into the new location, and then type your own content over the old.
  • You can also use the editing buttons at the top of the screen (for instructions on this see "Editing a new page" below).

Creating a new page

  • To create a new page, enter its name in the Search box (type it in exactly as you want the title to appear, including capitalization and punctuation) and click "Go". If the page doesn't exist, MediaWiki will prompt you to create it. Click the red link saying "Create this page."
  • When creating a name for your page, please consider an appropriate title that will be easy for people to find, and try to include your target age group. For example instead of "Historical Fiction", try, "Historical Fiction (Adults)" or "Historical Fiction for Adults". Changing the name of a page is possible, but can cause some problems with redirected links, so try to be as accurate as possible when you first create your page.

Editing a new page

  • You can also type in your content and then use the buttons above the editing screen to "format" your entry. Most of these work upon a section of text that is highlighted.

Tip and Guidelines

Visit the Tips Page for more information on useful ways to format your text and Guidelines for Use of the Wiki for rules on using and editing JMRLReads.