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If You Liked the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling, try these books

YA/YA PB Barron, T.A. The Lost Years of Merlin

The first book in a series that follows the magical adventures of Merlin.

J Black, Holly The Iron Trial

Co-authored by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. In spite of his best efforts to fail the entrance exam, Callum becomes a student at the Magisterium, a dark and dangerous school of magic. During his first year, he teams up with fellow students for a series of adventures during which he begins to learn the dark secrets of his family's past.

YA Carriger, Gail Etiquette & Espionage

Sophronia’s curtsy is atrocious, but her spying skills are highly developed. Luckily Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing School is not your ordinary finishing school. Its faculty includes a vampire and a werewolf, and the curriculum includes, what else, etiquette and espionage.

YA/YA PB Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl

When 12-year-old millionaire genius Artemis Fowl decides to kidnap a fairy to restore his family's fortunes, he gets more than he bargains for. These aren't the sweet, pretty fairies from stories. They come armed and dangerous - and with trolls. First in a series.

J DasGupta, Sayantani The Serpent's Secret

. “The day my parents got swallowed by a rakkhosh and whisked away to another galactic dimension was a pretty craptastic day.” The good news: Princes Lal and Neel arrive to take Kiranmala to the land she came from, where she will have a chance to save her parents - if she can survive hungry transit officers, Prince Neel’s fangirls, and a journey through Demonland. Of course, this means she’ll have to deal with the fact that she’s a princess by birth to….who?

YA DuPrau, Jeanne The City of Ember

Humans were forced into hiding in the city of Ember over 200 years ago, but the lights are starting to go out. It's up to Lina and Doon to figure out an ancient message and save the city. But should they stay?

YA Fforde, Jasper The Last Dragonslayer

In a time of fading magic, foundling Jennifer Strange runs Kazam, a magical employment agency full of has-been wizards. When seers begin having visions predicting the slaying of the last dragon, Jennifer find herself caught up in major changes that herald the arrival of something called Big Magic. First in a series.

YA/YA PB Flanagan, John The Ruins of Gorlan

Will has always dreamed of joining the battleschool when he turned 15. Instead he finds himself apprenticed to the mysterious Ranger Halt. Little does he know that he will find more danger and adventure as a ranger than he would have as a soldier.

J Funke, Cornelia Inkheart

Maggie's father has the magical ability to read fictional characters from books into life. She must embark on a dangerous quest to save herself and her father when one of those characters kidnaps them and tries to force them to serve him.

YA Jobin, Matthew The Nethergrim

The Nethergrim is a thing of legend, a horrible evil defeated by the knight Tristan and the wizard Vithric. But when livestock are reduced to piles of bones, and children begin disappearing, it becomes clear The Nethergrim is back. After his brother goes missing, Edmund sets out with his friends to face this ancient evil.

J LaFevers, Robin Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos

Theodosia, the daughter of Egyptian antiquities experts, is the only person able to detect curses on the ancient artifacts. When an amulet with a powerful curse is stolen, Theodosia must recover it and return it to the tomb. Mystery, magic, adventure and secret societies abound in this first book in a series.

YA/YA PB LeGuin, Ursula A Wizard of Earthsea

Sparrowhawk, a young wizard, must track and tame a powerful darkness that he unwittingly unleashed upon the world in an act of youthful arrogance. First in a series.

J McKinley, Robin The Blue Sword

J/YA PB McKinley, Robin The Hero and the Crown

Prequel to The Blue sword

J Nimmo, Jenny Midnight for Charlie Bone

When Charlie's disagreeable Aunt Lucretia discovers his magical talent of "hearing" people in photographs, he is packed off to attend the sinister Bloor Academy. Book 1 in the series Children of the Red King.

YA/YA PB Nix, Garth Sabriel

Sabriel, a child of the Old Kingdom, has been raised outside its walls, away from its Free Magic and Dead who refuse to stay dead. Her father, the Abhorsen, protects that kingdom. But now he is missing, and Sabriel must travel deep into the Old Kingdom to battle an unspeakable evil. If she is to prevail, she must face and master the magic that is her hidden destiny. The series continues with Lirael, Daughter of the Clayr and Abhorsen

J/YA Pierce, Tamora Sandry's Book

The first book in the Circle of Magic series which follows the stories of four young friends living in a strict temple community while they learn to use their magical talents.

YA/YA PB Pullman, Philip The Golden Compass

Lyra, accompanied by her daemon, must set out to rescue her best friend and other children who have been kidnapped and taken to the Far North as subjects for horrible experiments. First book in the His Dark Materials series. Don't miss the companion book, Lyra's Oxford

J Rylander, Chris Legend of Greg

When your dad's been kidnapped and you just found out you've been in a blood feud with your best friend for centuries, you must be a dwarf... or it's just Thursday.

J/J PB Sage, Angie Magyk

Newborn Septimus Heap, the seventh son of a seventh son, is declared dead by the midwife and kidnapped. The same night his father rescues a mysterious baby girl from a snow bank. The Heaps name her Jenna and raise her as their own. But who is she really, and what actually happened to their son?

YA Sanderson, Brandon The Rithmatist

In a world where Rithmatists create magical defenses and creatures with chalk drawings, Joel, a chalk maker’s son, studies everything he can about the magical art even though he has not been chosen to be a Rithmatist. When Rithmatics students start disappearing, his knowledge may be the key to solving the mystery.

YA/YA PB Stroud, Jonathan The Amulet of Samarkand

Don't steal the most powerful magician's most powerful object with a djinni that can't stand you. You might blow up the world. Read more of the frenemies adventures in The Bartimaeus Trilogy.

YA Tripp, Ben The Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale of Kit Bristol, His Horse Midnight, a Mysterious Princess, and Sundry Magical Persons Besides

Kit Bristol never meant to become a highwayman. He was just trying to get help for his mortally wounded master. He didn't sign on to rescue a feisty fairy princess. But when he put on his master's cloak, Kit also took on his magical obligations, complete with goblings and a map that shows his future - as a hanged man.