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Daniel Silva (A Gabriel Allon series)

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Silva weaves a tapestry of historical facts and fictional characters to present a realistic world resembling present day conflicts in the Middle East that extend into Europe and the United States. Gabriel Allon is the protagonist, a Mossad spy who doubles as an art restorer.

This book is a sequel to "Moscow Rules," but also stands on its own for readers unfamiliar with the series. Russian defector, Grigori Bulganov, disappears one afternoon off the streets of London. Did he return to Russia willingly, or was he kidnapped? Gabriel Allon, the appealing art restorer, sensitive, intellectual, cold blooded Israeli assassin becomes involved in the search and possible rescue. The twists and turns of the story take him to London, Moscow, Zurich, Paris, and other hot spots. As the suspense ends, we are left with Allon's angst over the ever present question, "Do the ends justify the means?"
Journalists, arms dealers, terrorists, art dealers, the CIA, and MI5 comprise this story with a focus on a return to the Cold War. Russian arms dealer, Ivan Kharkov, who has been supplying Hezbollah, is close to selling sophisticated weapons to al-Quaeda.
Allon discovers a plot that Islamic extremists plan to kidnap the daughter of the U.S. ambassador in London. Unable to prevent the kidnapping, Allon and his team must find the kidnapped daughter.
The Vatican is the target of a terrorist attack. Gabriel Allon plans to infiltrate the organization behind the attack with the help of lovely American art expert, Sarah Bancroft.
The Israeli Embassy in Rome is destroyed by a Palestinian bomb. Allon and his team hunt down the terrorists to find them before they strike again.
A concentration camp survivor is killed after he discovers that the father of Austria's next chancellor was a Nazi war criminal. Allon investigates the murder which involves several international spy agencies. The story becomes serious as Allon pursues his personal ties to the Holocaust.
Gabriel Allon investigates the death of a friend and fellow spy in Italy. The investigation leads him to Munich and becomes a story of international intrigue involving Vatican politics and World War II history.
New readers to this series would find this book a good place to begin. Gabriel is sent to restore a painting belonging to a Swiss banker. Finding the banker dead, Gabriel and the banker’s daughter, a temperamental violin virtuoso, begin an investigation that involves Swiss collaboration with the Nazis in the theft of priceless art. The English assassin, hired to kill them, is a complex villain with an interesting past.
The tragedy of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the backdrop to trap and kill a Palestinian assassin. The book introduces Gabriel Allon, Israeli covert operations agent, and Ari Shamron, Israeli intelligence operations.