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Graphically Speaking and Then Some (GSTS) is a group for teens in Grades 6-12 to discuss graphic novels and other books. The group meets the third Wednesday of every month.

Books for Fall 2015

Books for Summer 2015

Books for Winter/Spring 2015

Sophronia’s curtsy is atrocious, but her spying skills are highly developed. Luckily Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing School is not your ordinary finishing school. Its faculty includes a vampire and a werewolf, and the curriculum includes, what else, etiquette and espionage.

Jacob's grandfather told him amazing stories about his childhood on an island in Wales, complete with strange photographs. After his grandfather's death, Jacob visits the island to try to make sense of everything only to discover that the truth about the children in the pictures is stranger and the danger greater than he could ever have imagined.

Books for Fall 2014

Iku Kasahara has joined the Library Defense Force, a military group dedicated to defending libraries and protecting books. She has dreamed of becoming a member of the Force ever since one of the soldiers stopped government officials from confiscating her favorite book. But is her dream job going to be more like a nightmare?

  • October 15 Choker by Elizabeth Woods.

Cara is a loner, bullied and with no real friends since she moved away from her best friend Zoe. Now Zoe has turned up on Cara's doorstep asking for help. Suddenly Cara's life has turned around. She's got a new look and a new confidence. She is becoming popular. Just as quickly, it all starts to fall apart as a girl goes missing. When Zoe starts acting strangely, Cara begins to wonder how much she can really trust her best friend.

Throne of Glass was so popular when the group readit that the sequel was a unanimous choice. Having won the contest to become the King's Champion, Celaena struggles to stay true to her conscience while hiding her disloyalty from the King. But she's not the only one keeping secrets, secrets that will lead to a terrible tragedy that will force her to decide what she believes is worth fighting for.

Frankie Landau-Banks is the secret mastermind behind the pranks of the Loyal Order of Basset Hounds, a secret society at Alabaster Prep. When the all-male group shut her out, choosing only to see her as adorable rather than smart, she decided to prove that she could out-prank the pranksters, with hilarious results.

Summer 2014

Kami's world has just been turned upside down. It seems that the "imaginary friend" to whom she is connected mentally isn't imaginary after all. He's real and somehow connected to the magical secrets in her town. Good thing she can rely on her best friend, Angela, to help her figure out what's going on. But someone will stop at nothing to keep her from learning the truth.