A New Baby Is Coming To Our House!

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Here is a list of great titles for parents looking for books about a new baby joining the household.

"Mae is excited about the new baby in her family and her part in the school Christmas play."

"Angelina's excitement over the arrival of a new baby turns to jealousy when her little sister becomes the center of attention."

"A little girl learns about the joys and challenges of being a new big sister."

"Arthur isn't sure he is happy about the new baby, but when his sister asks for his help, he feels much better."

"A non-fiction look at waiting for and welcoming a new baby. Includes information on how babies are born, adoption, babies with special needs, and dealing with feelings."

"A new baby is on the way and big brother and sister want to know all about babies of every sort."

"Simple, straight-forward text describes the changes that come with a new baby."

"When Grace tries to help get ready for the new baby, she hears a lot of No's."

"Physical and emotional realities for mommies are linked to things a child can understand."

"A baby and big brother figure out how to get along."

"When he learns that his mother is going to have a baby, Tommy is very excited, and hopes for a sister."

"Frances has a new baby sister, and it seems that no one has time for her."

"When Nora brings home a new baby sister for Bear, he's surprised by how big she is, how much she cries and how much she likes his attention and songs.."

"Dustin, a boy with Down's Syndrome, helps his family prepare for the birth of his baby sister."

"Kate is used to being the baby until little brother Daniel comes along, and she must learn her new role as the big sister."

  • Bittle by Patricia MacLachlan

"Nigel the cat and Julia the dog think they will have no use for the new baby in their house, but after awhile they realize that they have come to love her."

"Sharing with a baby may be hard. but realizing that someday he won't be just a baby, but a brother gives a new sister a new outlook."

"Not happy that a new baby sister is coming home from the hospital. Christina Katerina takes her toy bears on a train journey all over the neighborhood."

"Daisy the duck waits for her new sibling to hatch."

"Alex's father sings a song to reassure him that he is still loved, even though there is a new baby in the house."

"A young boy adjusts to the arrival of his new baby sister with the help of his imaginary dog, Lucky."

"Franklin is thrilled to discover he will be a big brother in the spring!"

"Froggy hoped for a brother to play with, so he is disappointed with his new baby sister, Pollywogilina, but only until she is old enough to start learning from her big brother."

"Geraldine resents all the attention her baby brother gets until she spends some time with him."

"A mother tells her child about its first day of life from the moment of birth through the end of the birth day."

"Homer discovers what babies can and cannot do when his mother brings home his new brother Leo."

"A young boy describes how a new baby is growing inside his mommy and tells what it is like when his new sister comes home from the hospital."

"A young girl helps her grandmother with preparations for the traditional Chinese celebration to welcome her new baby brother."

"A father recalls his young daughter's first reactions to her new baby brother."

"With a blend of simple facts and warm feelings, this book describes how babies grow inside their mothers, how they are born, and what newborns are like."

"Various animals tell how they saw, fed, sang to, tickled and kissed the new duckling."

"Lilly is convinced that the arrival of her baby brother is the worst thing that has happened in their house until Cousin Garland comes to visit."

"Even though her baby brother is bald like an egg and moves like a puppy, a little girl decides that he is really just like her."

"Little Bear is excited about becoming a big brother until his friends start telling him all the bad things about babies."

"When Little Brown Bear learns that his parents are expecting a 'bundle of joy', he sets out to discover what that means and is not at all happy with what he learns."

"A small girl's favorite stuffed toy seems to be responsible for a series of 'accidents' that begin to occur when her baby brother arrives."

"When baby Leo is born, Lola reads to him to make him happy, but her parents still have time to read to her, too."

"Describes how babies look, eat, talk, play, sleep, and more."

"A nature-loving little girl's favorite playmate is her maple tree, until the day she's surprised with a baby sister."*

Me Baby! by Riki Levinson. "Danny seeks attention when his aunts and uncles come over to see the new baby."

"Mr. and Mrs. Bear and other forest animals despair of ever getting Baby Bear to stop crying and go to sleep, but Small Bear knows just how to solve the problem."

"Photographs and simple text depict a big brother from the point of view of his baby sibling."

"Little Monster learns what you can and cannot do with a new baby."

"Simple, reassuring text prepares children for the ups and downs of living with a newborn."

"Olly and his big sister have a good time together, whether dancing, walking in the park with their parents, or playing with friends."

"A small Eskimo boy discovers that Mother's lap has room for everyone."

"Spencer is a wild, loud, dangerous boy until he becomes a big brother. Then he learns that he can also be gentle."

"The family poodle protests at first when the master and mistress bring home a new "dog" to share with the household."

"This books shows parents and older siblings interacting with smiling babies."

When Mama's pregnancy draws attention away from Gia, she worries that the special bond they share will disappear forever once the baby is born.

Peter gets jealous when his baby things are given to his new baby sister. He eventually comes to see that he is too big for his old crib and chair, and helps Dad paint them for the baby.

"Chester Raccoon is worried that his mother does not have enough love for both him and his new baby brother."

"Pushkin the dog tries to adjust to the changes when his owners bring home a new baby."

"When Russell decides to stay home from nursery school and be a baby just like his new sister, he discovers that being treated like a baby when you are a big boy is no fun at all."

"Sam's family prepares for the arrival of a new baby, and talks about how every person is uniquely created by God."

"Lindsay does not welcome her new baby sister at first, but the realization that she was once a baby helps change her mind."

"When Beth's new baby brother arrives, she notices all the things he cannot do. Until Grandma shares with Beth what is good about babies."

"Sophie waits through the seasons of the year for her sibling to be born and then experiences mixed feelings about the new baby."

"Sophie is here to tell the reader the truth about babies, now that she has one in her house. With humor, Sophie dispels myths of 'cuteness.' But maybe there is something appealing about the new baby. Just don't let him know you think so."

"While waiting for Mama Bear to come home from the hospital with the new baby, Kevie and his dad make soup. Of course, because he's a big brother now, Kevie knows a lot, even the secret ingredient."

"As they look forward to the arrival of a new baby, a mother tells her young daughter of the time when they waited for her to be born."

"The lives of two dogs change after a new animal, a baby, comes to their house."

"The household animals are puzzled by the tailless, featherless, noisy, messy new pet their owners bring home- it's a baby!."

"This book brings to life the anticipation and nervous feelings of waiting for a new baby to arrive."

"Andrew the bear sulks when he thinks about the new baby, until his parents tell him how much they are going to need his help."

"When her relatives fawn over her new baby brother, Hazel sets out to prove that she's still the very worst monster."

"A child eagerly awaits the arrival of his baby sister, and imagines all the things they'll do together."

"When Max learns that his mommy is going to have a baby, he talks and sings to his unborn sibling, but he can't seem to make the baby come out sooner."

"The arrival of a new baby is cause for celebration."

"Describes how the anticipation of a new baby is an opportunity for the family to support each other."

"Sharing the throne is hard and new babies can mess things up. But when being an older brother and all the 'grown up' things he can do gets noticed by his mom, sharing doesn't seem so hard."

"Many teddy bears arrive along with the new baby, but Tom's mother makes sure that there is still room for him."

"Simple text describes how plants, birds, animals, and humans develop."

"A creature wonders where his strange younger sibling came from- a squeaking, leaking baby that should surely be set free."

"Davy the rabbit is surprised at what happens when he holds his baby sister for the first time."

"Polo's parents are acting strangely,and he thinks they must not love him any more, but then he learns that he will soon become a big brother."

" Grandpa helps Baby Duck to adjust to her role as a big sister."

"Life isn't quite the same for Little Bunny after baby Kale is born, but he learns to love being a big brother."

"Za-Za the zebra must adjust to her brother's arrival."