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Eight grader Ingrid Levin-Hill's shoes got her into a murder mystery! She'll need the brains of her hero Sherlock Holmes to figure out the murder and all the other weird things going on in town. See what elsehappens in Echo Falls.

A ghost, a mysterious tower and a weird uncle? Sounds like a job for teen psychic investigator Gilda Joyce! TrackGilda's other cases!

Fourteen year old Lucy is on a road trip with her older brother and his friend to visit her dad. During a rain storm, they hit something and when the turn around, they find a dead body on the road. Are they guilty?

Cameryn puts her interest in forensics to work for her dad the coroner, even though she's only 17. Can she still do the job after her best friend is killed by a serial killer? Is she even safe? Follow Cameryn on other *cases.

Stevie and Susan Carol are eighth grade sports reporters. At the Final Four tournament, the find out a player is being threatened to throw the game. The Carols also report on the