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Oops. I guess I'm supposed to put messages here. I thought you could use a subtitle for Out & About, since I at least didn't get the subject from just the title. - Bob Bj.

Hi Meredith, -- It looks like Out of the Box is also your page, so you have LOTS of options. You could combine them and give them a new (more boring but more easily understandable name) then delete the old ones, give subtitles to both, whatever. If you want to retain one or both but with a new name (even a subtitle really means a new name) you just select the "move" tab at the top of the page. This results in a Redirect.

The reason Out of the Box appears under Y is because of the category statement at the bottom [[Category:Young Adult Fiction|Young Adult Fiction]] The first element just directs MediaWiki to put it into a category, the second element tells it what category, and the third element tells you how to alphabetize it within the category listing. So, for example, if you wanted Out of the Box: GLBT to file under g you could use a category statement like [[Category:Young Adult Fiction|Gay]]