Urban and Street Lit (Young Adult)

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Article in Setting Young Adult Nonfiction and Young Adult Fiction

Novels and Series

14 year old Kendra lives in the Bronx with her grandmother who watches her every step. Can she prove that she won't end up pregnant at 14 like her mom? Will her mom take her in after she gets her PhD?
15 year old Tyrell is living in a homeless shelter in the Bronx and it doesn't seem like his mom is going to get him and his younger brother out of there. It's up to Tyrell to hustle some money, but will it be with music or drugs?
  • Don't Get It Twisted by Paula Chase
  • Hot Girl by Dream Jordan
Kate's been in a gang and now she has it pretty good in her current foster family but is still tempted by the life.
Blue and Collin are going big as party promoters but too many people want to take it all away.
Avery's brother didn't have to die on the streets of Baltimore, but Avery can't throw his life away, too.
Chanti moves between her Detroit neighborhood and her prep school, trying to keep the fact her mom's a cop on the down low while staying out of trouble.
  • The Brothers Torres by Coert Voorhees
Frankie's older brother Steve seems to be throwing away his soccer start status to hang with the cholos. Is this going to hurt Frankie's chances with his new girlfriend or help him fight off the guys who are after him?
Neeka and her friend's families keep them pretty locked down on their block in Queens, unlike D, who roams the city. They all love Tupac, but do they know each other as well as they think?


Urban Lit is not just fiction!