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The creators of this wiki, are new to this wiki business too. We copied (and then edited for our own use) a lot of this page from [Library Success: a Best Practices Wiki] which is a great wiki that one of us learned from in setting up this wiki. Thanks Library Success!

If you're brand new to the world of wikis you may be unsure how to start. Here is a quick guide with some tips. None of these are required, but many of them are helpful in creating a sense of wiki community and making the wiki more usable.

  • why register - Registering lets people know who edited a page and allows all of your edits to be grouped under your name. This helps you establish a reputation -- this is important on big wikis like Wikipedia, perhaps not as much here -- and lends authority to your entries and edits. When you are registered, people can contact you through your talk page if they have questions about your entries or edits. Please note: Registering is currently required on this wiki.

  • annotate - You have the option of adding little notes to your edits in the Summary box beneath the editing page. When people look at pages like the Recent Changes page, or their own watchlist, they can tell at a glance what was done to the page you edited. Check the minor edit box if you are just fixing a typo or a punctuation error.

  • discuss - Every page on the wiki has a discussion page that you can use for discussing an article. This is often more useful than making an edit, having someone else undo it, and back and forth. These pages can be for asking questions about the topic, or informal coverage of a topic. There are also discussion pages for all user pages, if you want to talk to a user on the wiki.