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Book, movie, and CD reviews that have been written by teens participating in the 2012 Teen Summer Reading Program, "Own The Night." Posted with permission of the reviewers.

Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. Newest reviews appear at the top of the list for each star rating.

Book Reviews

Five Stars

I loved it! It's the first book in a 10 book series called The Ranger's Apprentice. I have the next book (The Burning Bridge) checked out of the library. I can't wait to read it!

Review by Jude, grade 7

I loved My Unfairy Tale Life because of all the adventures Jenny went on or had. My favorite character was Prince Lamb and least favorite was or course Klarr, a creepy mouthless clown. I think this book is for ages 10-11, people who like adventures, fairy tales and of course mouthless people. I think it is cute, funny and thrilling. It was an easy book to read and I could follow along with it. I loved it.

Review by Victoria, grade 7

Ghostopolis. The name sends a chill down your spine. Ghostopolis is a book that you would enjoy very much and so will your friends and I recommend it. Ghostopolis is a story of a boy being sucked into an afterlife and he has to get out because he is not dead yet for he has an uncurable disease that can kill him.

Review by Morganna, grade 6

Partials is the best book ever! It has just the right amount of suspense and romance in it to get you excited. My favorite character is Kira the main character of the book. Kira is a very determined girl that wants to help the human race live on and cure the RM virus before it kills us completely! But! Before she does she must do more research and when she did she discovered something. RM is in everyone's blood stream! How strange!

Review by Morganna, grade 6

This fast paced action story is thrilling and impossible to put down as the greatest battle known to the clans draws near. Four great warriors with the power of the stars in their paws will rise to fulfill the prophecy Starclan has laid before them. Only Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Dovewing, and a mysterious fourth cat can save the clans from a terrifying battle between the evil cats of the Dark Forest. Will the clans of the lake survive? This book from Erin Hunter is the newest in a series of many warrior books. It\'s recommended that you read all the books to catch up on the story. This book is not recommended for small children and should be read by those who can deal with semi-gory description.

Very exciting, thrilling book that will make you explode with excitement and suspense!

Review by Sophie, grade 6

This is the first book in the Time Quintet series and I like it a lot. All of the books in this series feature the Murry family. The books are A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, Many Waters, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, and An Acceptable Time.

Review by Jade, grade 7

It was one of my favorite books ever!

Review by Wren, grade 6

Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett's books are a great read for both younger and older readers, combing serious themes with a good sense of humor and great characters.

Review by Sharon

The book was really exiting. There was always something going on. My favorite character was Sadie because she is smart, funny, and a little bit sassy. The book is also good because there's the big fight against Apophis, and the big conclusion. Any book by Rick Riordan is good for anyone who likes mythology and funny books.

Review by Alejandra, grade 6

I like it because it's well written and Collins wasn't afraid to include detail. My favorite character is Gregor. This book/series would probably be liked by Hunger Games fans.

Review by Colson, grade 6

The Absolute Value of Mike is a great book! I enjoyed reading it a lot! My favorite character is Past because he's so complex but yet so simple! I think anyone could read this book and enjoy it! There's something everyone can relate to in this book!

Review by Nell

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen is a great book. In this book the author takes you back and forth between Jacob, who joined a circus around the 1930s after his parents died and he was unable to finish Veternairian school, and an elderly man who is living in present day in a nursing home. My favorite character was Jacob who is outgoing and is not afraid to stand up to people, even if they are the head of the circus. My least favorite character is August, who is the head trainer in the circus and abuses his wife Marlena and the elephant, Rosie. Overall I would recomend this book to anyone who likes romance and a good ending to a great book.

Review by Caroline

I loved this book because of the amazing characters and the concept of lifting the corners of the universe. My favorite character was Adam who jumps up and down yelling happiness when he is happy. I think people from ages 11-14 would like this book.

Review by Callan, Grade 6

I loved this book for its amazing storyline and courageous characters. I liked the character Jaynell for her love of cars. I think people from ages 8-12 would like this book.

Review by Callan, Grade 6

I think this is a great book: Jack Higgins is a great author. I recommend it to any action and adventure reader. I love it. Even in the little action parts it is intense from all the other action. I highly recommend it.

Review by Mason, Grade 7

I like Katniss because she is string against the Capitol. I like Primrose, Katniss’s younger sister, because she stays strong while her older sister is in horrible danger. I also liked Ceasar Flickerman and Rue for their spirit. I think that people from ages 11-20 who like an action packed and inspiring story would like this. I loved this book because of amazing characters and storyline.

Review by Callan, Grade 6

I really liked this book because of it's crazy and mysterious storyline. I liked Sal's character because he seemed really mysterious at times. I also liked Miranda for her helpful attitude and for being different. I think if you like a good, different, and mysterious story, you should read this. I also think ages 10-20 would like this.

Review by Callan, Grade 6

I loved this book because it inspired me to help people in need. I did not like the stepmother because she is mean to people who can’t help their problems. I also loved this book because I learned things including language about Afghanistan. I think people from ages 11-14 would like this.

Review by Callan, Grade 6

Four Stars

Tangerine is one of the best books I've read. This book is about a kid named Paul Fisher. He has just moved from Texas to a town called Tangerine in Florida. Paul has very thick glasses because he looked at the sun during a solar eclipse...or did he? In the book you follow Paul as he makes new friends, enemies, and discover some secrets he never knew. I would recommend this book to all 4th graders and above. I would also recommend it to people who like mystery.

Review by Alex

A very good book with a very unsatisfying ending. 4 1/2 stars

Review by Jude, Grade 7

Al Capone Shines My Shoes is about "Moose" Flanagan growing up on Alcatraz Island. After asking Al Capone for a favor, he gets a note asking for him to do a favor for Al Capone. Dealing with a big time gang-boss is dangerous. When some convicts try to capture him and his friends, even his own wits won't save him. With a new born babies life on the line, things only get worse. When you live on Alcatraz you know to be careful. But nothing could have prepared them for this.

Review by Anonymous

Al Capone Does My Shirts is about a boy named "Moose" (Matthew) Flanagan and his autistic sister Natalie, who live on Alcatraz Island. Their dad is a guard and an electrician on Alcatraz. They have to adjust to life there and get used to their new schools. But when Natalie gets kicked out of her school, things go off track. Moose gets to the point where he asks a convict for help. That convict is Al Capone. Getting a gang-boss to help use is very serious stuff. You could only do that if you lived on Alcatraz.

Review by Anonymous

This swashbuckling adventure is a good read for teens looking for something adventurous that they haven't read before. It's a good book for older readers as well.

Review by Sharon

Tunnels is about a boy named will and his friend who discover a sub-terranian colony of people after Will's father goes missing. I enjoyed the book's story as well as how the authors made all 400 pages go so fast. The underground civilization is both chilling and thrilling as the two friends discover the mysteries and dangers in the earthen underworld.

Review by Kyle, Grade 8

Journey Under the Sea, a choose your own adventure book, is great because you can really get involved with it. You feel like it is a real life situation and there is the suspense of wanting to choose the right choice. I highly recommend the choose your own adventure series and hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Review by Anna, Grade 6

Just the Way You Are is about marriage troubles, sister troubles, and learning how to keep the past in the past. Journey along as Alli comes to terms with her husband just as her sister rips it apart. It's moving, and I love the ending.

Review by Rachael, Grade 9

Three Stars

Two Stars

I gave it a 2 because the first 20 chapters were boring and because the end didn't really satisfy me at all.

Review by Wren, grade 6

One Star

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