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I didn't want to supersede this (YA-specific) page, but I made a list that included books from many reading levels, so felt that it was not redundant to post the longer list...Steampunk_(Juvenile,_Young_Adult,_and_Adult).

Shall we keep them separate & put a see-also link in this page and to that (and vice versa), or shall we just combine the smaller into the larger?

This (YA) page is nice in that it has annotations. The longer list might benefit from annotations if there's ever time...but currently doesn't. Thoughts? --Mdickens 14:26, 14 May 2011 (EDT)


I like the idea of see-also links. I think the people looking for specific reading-level information like the current set up, but for genres where readers cross levels (like steampunk and other fantasy genres) this type of list with see-alsos is great! -Sarah


I agree. I shall insert them. Thanks! - md.