Summer Reading 2014: PAWS to Read

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Article in Young Adult Nonfiction, Young Adult Fiction

PAWS to Read this summer with some books about animals, both with and without paws.

(*) Indicates first in series

Bark! Meow! Chirp! Read! Fiction About Animals

YA Bow, Erin Plain Kate

YA Caletti, Deb The Nature of Jade

YA Caletti, Deb The Story of Us

YA Clement-Davies, David Fell *

YA/YA PB Collins, Suzanne Hunger Games *

YA Dickinson, Peter Eva

YA Harrison, Mette Ivie The Princess and the Hound

YA Harrison, Mette Ivie The Princess and the Bear

YA Harrison, Mette Ivie The Princess and the Snowbird

YA Hartnett, Sonya Stripes of the Sidestep Wolf

YA Hiassen, Carl Chomp

YA/YA PB Hiassen, Carl Flush

YA/YA PB Hiassen, Carl Hoot

YA Hiassen, Carl Scat

YA/YA PB Hunter, Erin Into the Wild: Warriors Book 1 *

YA Hunter, Erin The Quest Begins: Seekers Book 1 *

YA Hunter, Erin The Empty City: Survivors Book 1 *

YA PB Jacques, Brian Redwall *

YA/YA PB Jaffe, Michele Bad Kitty

YA Jaffe, Michele Kitty, Kitty

YA Kadohata, Cynthia Cracker: The Best Dog in Vietnam

YA/YA PB Larson, Kirby Hattie Big Sky

YA PB/F London, Jack Call of the Wild

YA Lyne, Jennifer Catch Rider

YA Mass, Wendy A Mango Shaped Space

YA PB Mikaelsen, Ben Touching Spirit Bear

YA Mikaelsen, Ben Ghost of Spirit Bear

YA/YA PB Murdock, Catherine Gilbert Dairy Queen

YA Murdock, Catherine Gilbert Wisdom's Kiss

YA Neri, Greg Ghetto Cowboy

YA PB Ness, Patrick The Knife of Never Letting Go

YA Northrop, Michael Rotten

YA/YA PB Nix, Garth Sabriel

YA Oppel, Kenneth Half Brother

YA Pauley, Kimberly Cat Girl's Day Off

YA Paulsen, Gary & Jim Road Trip

YA/YA PB Paver, Michelle Wolf Brother

YA PB Pierce, Tamora Wild Magic: Book 1 of the Immortals Quartet *

YA/YA PB Pratchett, Terry The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

YA/YA PB Pullman, Philip The Golden Compass *

YA Pyron, Bobbie A Dog's Way Home

YA PB Rawlings, Marjorie The Yearling

YA Reichs, Kathy Virals *

YA Schrefer, Eliot Endangered

YA Schrefer, Eliot Threatened

YA Shepherd, Megan The Madman's Daughter

YA PB Smiley, Jane The Georges and the Jewels

YA Smiley, Jane A Good Horse

YA Smiley, Jane Pie in the Sky

YA smiley, Jane True Blue

YA/YA PB Van Draanen, Wendelin Flipped

YA Weber, David A Beautiful Friendship

Werewolves, Beasts and More, Oh My! Fiction About Supernatural Animals

YA Beastly The Beastly Bride: Tales of the Animal People

YA Cremer, Andrea R. Nightshade *

YA Dorkin, Evan Beasts of Burden: Vol. 1 Animal Rights

YA/YA PB Flinn, Alex Beastly

YA Griffo, Michael Moonglow

YA Houck, Colleen Tiger's Curse *

YA PB Jobling, Curtis Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf *

YA Peacock, Kathleen Hemlock

YA Peacock, Kathleen Thornhill

YA Pohl-Weary, Emily Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl

YA Schreiber, Ellen Once in a Full Moon: Full Moon series Book 1 *

YA/YA PB Stiefvater, Maggie Shiver: The Wolves of Mercy Falls series Book 1 *


591.529 McClung, Robert M. Last of the Wild: Vanished and Vanishing Giants of the Animal World

591.65 Singer, Marilyn Venom

595.714 Purser, Bruce Jungle Bugs: Masters of Camouflage

598.33 Hoose, Phillip Moonbird: A Year on the Wind With the Great Survivor B95

598.72 Hoose, Phillip The Race to Save the Lord God Bird

636.7 Newman, Aline Alexander How to Speak Dog: A Guide to Decoding Dog Language