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Article in Juvenile Fiction

A printable version of this booklist is available in Word format here

Notable New Titles

J Cooper, Ilene Lucy on the Loose

When his beagle Lucy runs off, Bobby must overcome his shyness to find her.

J Lagercrantz, Rose My Happy Life

Dani can't sleep the night before school starts. Will she like iX? Then at school, she meets Ella and the possibilities are endless.

J McKay, Hilary Lulu and the Duck in the Park

Lulu loves every sort of animal and tries to convince her teacher that their class guinea pig needs a pig companion.

J MacLachlan, Patricia Boxcar Children Beginning

This book is a prequel to the Boxcar Children series.

J Voake, Steve Hooey Higgins and the Shark

Brothers Hooey and Twig hope to fund the purchase of the enormous chocolate egg on display at the sweetshop.

Old Favorites

Most of these authors have written other wonderful books.

J PB Atinuke Anna Hibiscus

Anna Hibisdcus lives in Africa with her parents and her baby brothers Double and Trouble.

J Auch, Mary Jane I Was A Third Grade Science Project

When Brian and Josh try to hypnotize Brain's dog, Josh starts behaving strangely.

J Bang-Cambpell, Monika Little Rat Makes Music

Little Rat loves the violin but hates to practice.

J PB Benton, Jim Franny K. Stein series.

J J Bruel, Nick Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

Can you give a cat a real bath?

J Byars, Betsy Cat Diaries

On the third full moon of the year, cats get together to share diaries.

J Byars, Betsy Little Horse on His Own

Little Horse faces various dangers to return homje.

J Cameron, Ann Spunky Tells All

Spunky the dog would be happy to share all of his secrets, if only his human family spoke his language.

J Carris, Joan Davenport Welcome to the Bed and Biscuit

Several animals help with chores at the Bed and Biscuit, a friendly animal shelter.

J Catling, Patrick The Chocolate Touch

Everything Joan Midas touches turns to chocolate?

J Christian, Mary Blount Sebastian (Super Sleuth) series.

J Cleary, Beverly Beezus and Ramona

The adventures of Ramona Quimby begin with this book.

J Clifford, Eth Flatfoot Fox series.

J Conford, Ellen Jenny Archer series.

J Cooper, Susan Magician's Boy

A boy working for a magician must find a missing Saint George puppet.

J Coville, Bruce Moongobble and Me series.

J Cronin, Doreen Trouble With Chickens

A former search-and-rescue dog helps solve a comkplicated missing chicken case.

J Cuyler, Margery Weird Wolf

Harry's a werewolf?

J Delton, Judy Pee Wee Scouts series.

J DiCamillo, Kate Bink & Gollie

Bink and Gollie are complete opposites, but best friends.

J DiCamillo, Kate Mercy Watson series.

J Edwards, Michelle Stinky Stern Forever

Pa Lia and her classmates share memories of Stinky Stern.

J Erickson, Russell Warton and Morton series.

J Etra, Jonathan Aliens For Breakfast

Richard finds an alien in his cereal!

J Fine, Anne Diary of a Killer Cat

A cat defends himself against accusatins of terrifying other animals.

J Fleischman, Paul Dunderheads

When Miss Breakbone confiscates Junkyard's stuffed rabbit, the kids in the class are determined to get it back.

J Fleischman, Sid McBroom series.

J PB Giff, Patricia Kids of the Polk Street School series.

J Greene, Stephanie Owen Foote series.

J Greenwald, Sheila Rosy Cole series.

Lola reads story books to her new baby brother.

J Haas, Jessie Birthday Pony

Can Jane and the independent pony Popcorn become riding partners?

J Haddix, Margaret Say What?

Sukie and her brothers are puzzled when their parents begin saying the wrong thing every time they misbehave.

J Hannigan, Katherine Emmaline and the Bunny

Everyone and everything in the town of Neatasapin is tidy except Emmaline.

J PB Harper, Charise Fashion Kitty series.

J Harper, Jessica I Barfed on Mrs. Kenly

Cleo is carsick on her way toa birthday swimming party.

J Harper, Jessica Uh-Oh Cleo

Cleo needs stitches after getting a cut on her head.

J Hesse, Karen Lavender Codie has some worries when her favorite aunt is expecting a baby.

J Howe, James Pinky and Rex series.

J Hurwitz, Johanna Peewee's Tale

A young guinea pig learns to survive with help frolm a squirrel.

J Jonell, Lynne Hamster Magic

When the Willow family move, their hamstger grants wishes.

J Kerrin, Jessica Martin Bridge series.

King-Smith, Dick Clever Lollipop

Lady Lollipop is the clever pet pig of a princess. The story begins with Lady Lollipop

J Kline, Suzy Horrible Harry series and Song Lee series.

J Krensky, Stephen Louise, Soccer Star?

Louise feels overshadowed by atalented new player.

J PB Landon, Lucinda Solve-It-Yourself Mystery series with Meg Mackintosh.

J PB Larry, H. I. Poison Island

Meet Zac Power, a kid who comes from a family of spies.

J Le Guin, Ursula Jane On Her Own: a Catwings Tale

This is another story of cats with wings.

J Levy, Elizabeth Frankenstein Moved In On the Fourth Floor

Has Frankenstein moved in next door?

J Lin, Grace Ling & Ting: Not Exactly the Same

Ling and Ting are identical twins, but time and again they prove to be different.

J Lowry, Lois Gooney Bird Greene

Gooney Bird Greene shares incredible stories with her classmates.

J McKissack, Patricia Tippy Lemmey

Leanne and her friends are afraid of a neighborhood dog.

J Miller, Sara Three Stories to Read to Your Cat

Your cat will enjoy these stories.

J Orr, Wendy The Ark in the Park

Sophie lives near a very special pet store.

J Orr, Wendy Lost, a Dog Called Bear

When Logan's dog runs away, a girl who longs for a dog of her own, finds him.

J PB Paulsen, Gary Culpepper Adventures series.

J PB Peterson, John The Littles series.

J Quackenbush, Robert Miss Mallard Mystery series.

J Rylant, Cynthia The Lighthouse Family series.

J Sachar, Louis Marvin Redpost series.

J Scieszka, Jon Time Warp Trio

Toni has her first horse show.

J Simon, Jo Ann Star

Toni has her first horse show.

J Smith, Janice Lee Adam Joshua series.

J Speck, Katie Maybelle in the Soup

Maybelle the cockroach falls in the soup at a very important dinner party.

J Stadler, Alexander Trash Crisis on Earth

Julian Rodriguez, an extra-terrestrial genius, is trapped in the body of an eight-year-old human boy.

J Stern, A. J. Frankly Frannie

Frannie is ready for a job and office supplies -- even though she's just a kid.

J Vernon, Ursula Dragonbreath

Danny Dragonbreath can't get the knack of breathing fire.

J Viorst, Judith Lulu and the Brontosaurus

When Lulu demands a brontosaurus for her birthday, her parents refuse, so she sets out to find one.

J Weeks, Sarah Mac & Cheese

Two cats are as different as night and day, but they're best friends.

J Wight, Eric Frankie Pickle series.

Two cats are as different as night and day, but they're best friends.