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Steampunk explores what the world would look like if the future, and its technology, happened earlier.

Note: For a broader list of steampunk works (including those for adults and younger readers), see the Steampunk (Juvenile, Young Adult, and Adult) article in this wiki.

Clockwork Angel is the first book in this new series in which sixteen-year-old Tess must learn to control her Downworlder powers to save her brother in Victorian-era London.
A collection of 13 short stories that blend romance in Victorian times with steam-power and machinery. Contributors include Michael Scott, Kierstin White, and others.
A rich girl and an airship cabin boy search for creatures that may be living in the sky.
Art Mumby and his annoying older sister Myrtle travel the universe fighting killer spiders, hats and moths in the name of the British Empire.
Known as the Mortal Engines Quartet in the UK, this series envisions a future in which cities on tracks attack each other for resources, especially those from the 21st century.
Can a shape-shifting teen hunchback save Victorian England from the devious Clockwork Guild?
During World War I, the machines of the Clankers battle the war creatures of the Darwinists.