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Article in Adult Fiction and Adult Nonfiction and Personal Picks categories.

See what staff are reading (and recommending!) and see the young adult librarians' selections.

Linn Browning (Northside)

Tim Carrier (Central)

Anne Chiles (Central)

Nancy Cook (Central)

Jacqui Dempsey-Cohen (Central)

Meredith Dickens (Central)

Krista Farrell (Central)

Noelle Funk (Scottsville)

Willow Gale (Bookmobile)

Karen Gillaspie (Central)

Pam Grammer (Crozet)

  • Heft by Liz Moore.

Gary Grant (Albemarle Trustee)

John Halliday (Central)

Sarah Hamfeldt (Central)

Holly Huffman (Greene)

Lindsay Ideson (Northside)

Rhonda Johnson (Crozet)

Kathy Judge (Central)

Tanith Knight (Nelson)

Jackie Lichtman (Central)

Russ Lyttleton (Central)

Gail Ott (Gordon)

Heather Pehnec (Central)

David Plunkett (Central)

Stella Pool (Central)

Ginny Reese (Greene)

Wendy Saz (Crozet)

Phoebe Anne Tucker (Nelson)

Marien Villaman-Chodl (Bookmobile)