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Felix is a big baseball fan who lives in Florida with his mom. He is most interested in Cuban baseball players, because the one thing he knows about his father is that he was a Cuban baseball star. One night, Felix wins tickets to a game, but he has to go with his babysitter, whom he dislikes. When Felix is mistaken for a new batboy, he goes along with the team in hopes that he might learn more about his father.
In Oregon after World War II, twenty one sixth grade girls look forward to a big baseball game. Each girl tells her little piece of the story. All of the stories together add up to show how different families were prejudiced against one another after the war.
What nine-going-on-ten-year-old Maggie wants most in the world is for the Brooklyn Dodgers to win the world series. After all, she was named for Joe DiMaggio. She and her brother Joey-Mick love to hang out at the firehouse, listening to games on the radio with the firemen, arguing about which team is better: the Yankees or the Dodgers. When a new guy, Jim, comes to work at the firehouse, not only is he a Giants fan, but he teaches Maggie a way to keep score. Soon Maggie is tracking not only the games on the radio, but Joey-Mick's games too. Season after season, Maggie remains loyal to her Dodgers, praying that they will win, and also praying that her friend Jim will return safely home from the Korean War.