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*['s+grave '''The Ghost Grave'''] by Peg Kehret.
*['s+grave '''The Ghost Grave'''] by Peg Kehret.
*[ '''The Dark Thirty'''] ed. Pat McKissack.
:A colelction of ghost stories with African-American themes.
J Hardinge, Fraces. WELL WITCHED. Three friends fall prey to the demands of the Well Witch when they trespass in her wishing well and steal some coins.
*['s+in+those+woods '''Something Wicked's in Those Woods'''] by Marisa Montes.
J Hunter, Mollie. A STRANGER CAME ASHORE. Robbie struggles to save his sister from a selkie, a seal who assumes the shape of a man to lure away young women.  
*[ '''Three Days'''] by Donna Jo Napoli.
J Hurston, Zora Neale. THE SKULL TALKS BACK. Spooky, chilling, and fantastical, this collection of six scary tales will send shivers up your spine!
*[ '''The Specter'''] by Joan Lowry Nixon.
J Kehret, Peg. THE GHOST’S GRAVE. Apprehensive about spending the summer in Washington State with his Aunt Ethel when his parents get an overseas job, twelve-year-old Josh soon finds adventure when he meets the ghost of a coal miner.
*['s+revenge '''Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge: A Ghost Story'''] by Kathryn Reiss.
J SC (Story Collection) McKissack, Pat. THE DARK THIRTY. A collection of ghost stories with African American themes, designed to be told during the Dark Thirty--the half hour before sunset--when ghosts seem all too believable.
*[ '''Scared Stiff'''] by Willo Roberts.
J Montes, Marisa. SOMETHING WICKED’S IN THOSE WOODS. When their parents are killed in an accident, eleven-year-old Javier and his younger brother leave their home in Puerto Rico to go live with their aunt in Northern California, where a ghost from an unsolved crime and Javi's new-found psychokinetic powers make their adjustment all the harder.
*['s+ghost's+for+you '''That's Ghost's For You: Thirteen Scary Stories'''].
*[ '''Double Dare to be Scared: Another Thirteen Chilling Tales'''] by [ Robert San Souci].
*[ '''The Curse of the Night Wolf'''] by Paul Stewart.
J Napoli, Donna Jo. THREE DAYS. When her father suddenly dies while on a business trip leaving her alone on an Italian highway, eleven-year-old Jackie worries what will happen when she is picked up by two men with unknown motives.
*['s+witch '''Rosemary's Witch'''] by Ann Turner.
J Nixon, Joan Lowry. THE SPECTER. When Dina is in the hospital, she has a terrified roommate – a girl who thinks that the man who killed her father is trying to kill her.  
*[ '''Peppermints in the Parlor'''] by Barbara Brooks Wallace.
J Reiss, Kathryn. SWEET MISS HONEYWELL’S REVENGE: A GHOST STORY. Just before her mother is to remarry and her stepfamily is set to move in, twelve-year-old Zibby gradually realizes that her antique dollhouse is haunted by ghosts, one of whom is out for revenge.
*[ '''The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral'''] by [ Robert Westall].
J Roberts, Willo. SCARED STIFF. When their mother disappears, two brothers begin a dangerous search.  
*[ '''Into the Volcano: A Graphic Novel'''] by Don Wood.
J SC (Story Collection). THAT GHOST’S FOR YOU: THIRTEEN SCARY STORIES. An international collection of spine-tingling stories, including such titles as "Bigger than Death," "The Airi," and "The Man Who Sang to Ghosts."
*[ '''The Dollhouse Murders'''] by [ Betty Ren Wright].
*J San Souci, Robert D. DOUBLE DARE TO BE SCARED: ANOTHER THIRTEEN CHILLING TALES. These diverse scary stories include fantasy, science fiction, and ghost tales.
J Stewart, Paul. THE CURSE OF THE NIGHT WOLF. Soon after Victorian messenger Barnaby Grimes is attacked by a huge beast while crossing London's rooftops, he becomes entangled in a mystery involving patent medicine, impoverished patients, and very expensive furs.
J Turner, Ann. ROSEMARY’S WITCH.  When Rosemary moves into a new house, she discovers a witch living nearby who once lived in the house and wants it back.
*J Wallace, Barbara Brooks. PEPPERMINTS IN THE PARLOR. Sent to San Francisco to live with beloved aunt and uncle, newly orphaned Emily expectantly enters their once-happy mansion only to find unimaginable horrors.
*J Westall, Robert. THE STONES OF MUNCASTER CATHEDRAL. Soon after steeplejack Joe Clarke begins work on one of the spires of Muncaster's medieval cathedral, terrible things start to happen and Joe realizes that there is a malevolent force connected to the spire's gargoyle.
J Wood, Don. INTO THE VOLCANO: A GRAPHIC NOVEL. While their parents are away doing research, brothers Duffy and Sumo Pugg go with their cousin, Mister Come-and-Go, to Kokalaha Island, where they meet Aunt Lulu and become trapped in an erupting volcano.
*J Wright, Betty Ren. THE DOLLHOUSE MURDERS. A dollhouse filled with a ghostly light in the middle of the night and dolls that have moved from where she last left them lead Amy and her sister to unravel the mystery surrounding grisly murders that took place years ago.

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Learn more about Zora Neale Hurston.
A colelction of ghost stories with African-American themes.