Social Issues and Satire (young adult fiction)

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[Hoot by Carl Hiaasen]

  • Roy Eberhardt is new to South Florida, and so far, he's unimpressed. He hasn't made any friends and Dana Matherson, the school bus bully, is making matters worse. Roy finally finds something to interest him when he spots a barefooted boy running away from the school bus. Intrigued, Roy follows the boy. Roy learns that the boy, known only as Mullet Fingers, is trying to stop the construction of a pancake house to protect a family of burrowing owls. An environmental protest follows, complete with alligators, sparkly poisonous snakes, Rottweilers, a cranky construction boss, the police, a girl named Beatrice Leep, and the mysterious Mullet Fingers. It turns out that Roy finds more than enough excitement in new neighborhood. Now if only he can get involved without getting into trouble!