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Try these new(ish) sci-fi titles for teens!

Can Mara lead her people from the the floods of their homeland to the unknown sky cities?

Emmerson was a bookworm who knew nothing about fashion. Guess whose body she gets in a whole-body transplant? Only the world's most famous teen supermodel.

Katniss is chosen for the yearly televised gladiator struggle to the death. Can she survive and overthrow the dictatorship?


High school hacker Marcus turns his free gaming system into X-net to fight the excesses of Homeland Security after the bombing of the Bay Bridge.

Tack is torn between joining the students in the Truancy against the super-controlling Mayor, but a Truant kills someone he loves. The author wrote this when he was 15.

Earth Mother is the corporation that makes everything perfect on Honor's island, but it also took away her trouble-maker parents. Can two teens overthrow it?

  • Gone by Michael Grant

Everyone over 14 has disappeared and now it's public school kids v. private school, regular v. supernatural.

  • Rash by Pete Hautman

Bo's accused of spreading a rash at school and sent to a work in a pizza factory in the tundra. His computer program, Bork, wants to free him, but can Bork be trusted? And does Bo want to go back to his highly-regulated old life?

Children aren't needed when no one dies, but Anna's parents broke the rules. Should she break out of her dorm/prison and find them or keep her head down?

The Noise germ caused all the men and boys to hear each other's thoughts and killed all the women and children. So what is Todd to make of Viola and the secrets his town holds?

When Jenna wakes up from a coma, she's not sure if the memories coming back are really hers. Are synthetic bodies and brains really possible?

Miranda's journal describes how her family and town comes together and fall apart when the moon falls out of orbit and life as she knew it ends.

A hilarious steampunk adventure with a traveling house, disguised aliens, a plot to kill the universe and a mom who is the universe.

Teens Connor, Ris, and Lev are traveling the country so they aren't unwound, having the body parts used by others.

251 teens are blasted into space after all the adults on earth are killed by comet dust but one stowaway could spell the end of the human race.

Lia is transplanted into a mechanical body.

Phoebe's just goth, but the new kids are "living impaired." Can't they all get along?