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Article in Adult Fiction, and Science Fiction categories.

A select assortment of books featuring futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, dystopian societies, parallel universes and extraterrestrial life.

To learn more about the genre of science fiction, check out Wikipedia's Outline of Science Fiction.

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Find in the Adult Fiction Section

A school that teaches the power of persuasion and language to control thoughts recruits orphan Emily Ruff, who becomes the school's most talented prodigy. Things become complicated when she falls in love with a man who holds the key to a secret war between rival factions.
An ancient secret society comprised of 200 individuals who continually re-incarnate themselves gathers in Las Vegas to decide the fate of the world.
In the future, a special agent for a government experiment tracks down his target, Amy, but is disarmed by her quiet nature, and risks his own life to help her escape, even as society collapses around them. Amy goes on alone and realizes that she has the power to save the world. Sequel: The Twelve.
Nick Quinn, accused of murdering his wife, is given a talisman by a mysterious man that lets him turn back time hour by hour. With each hour, he comes closer to solving the crime, but must handle the consequences that his past actions have on his future.
Six interconnected stories unfurl as they wind their way from 19th century New Zealand to a post-apocalyptic Iron Age Hawaii and back again to show how these stories connect through time and space.
Eleven-year-old Julia’s world changes drastically as the rotation of the earth begins to slow down. As the days and nights grow longer, she must also deal with issues of friendships and family in this coming-of-age novel.
In a future where infertility is an increasing issue, Emma struggles to learn her identity when she wakes up with amnesia after an accident in this fast-paced dystopian thriller. Sequel: Prototype .

Find in the Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy Section

They have always been among us, immortals since the dawn of time, and these are their chronicles, leading up to the rocket age, when the last surviving members find their purpose.
In a post-oil futuristic Bangkok where corporations use bio-terrorism for profit, one loyal company man is challenged by an artificial creature with her own ideas.
Teenaged Wade Watts feels more alive in the virtual world called the OASIS than the grim reality of 2044, but when winning OASIS becomes a matter of life and death, Wade must confront the reality he wishes to escape.
In a war-ravaged world where owning an android is a status symbol, the bounty hunter Rick Deckard is sent on a mission to track down renegade androids that threaten the fabric of this futuristic society. This science fiction classic was adapted into the movie Blade Runner.
Imagine if you were a soldier in a war that never ended as you read this allegorical novel in which veterans are endlessly recycled.
  • Dune by Frank Herbert
The first and best of an epic series set on the fascinating planet of Dune, full of giant sand snakes and snake-in-the-grass political maneuvers. Sequel: DUNE MESSIAH.
  • Wool by Hugh Howey
A post-apocalyptic community survives in a giant silo underground, living under regulations they believe are meant to protect them. When the sheriff unexpectedly goes outside, his unlikely replacement is a female mechanic whose rebellious nature will soon upend her entire society.
In this groundbreaking novel, a human emissary to an alien world where inhabitants can change gender at will must come to terms with the culture in order to facilitate the planet’s inclusion in intergalactic civilization.
Two sisters are inexplicably transported to an alternate reality San Diego, wherein they find themselves with strange time-bending powers and plenty of questions. This first in a series introduces the characters and their search for an explanation of their spellbinding situation. Sequel not yet published.
During the Gold Rush, an inventor created a giant steam-powered drill which could cut through Alaskan ice, but also unearthed a toxic gas that ruined part of Seattle. Sixteen years later, the inventor’s son embarks on a quest through the ruins, filled with zombies, air pirates, and the almost-apocalypse, all part of this steampunk in the American northwest.
A tragic murder becomes the focal point for the survivors in start of this epic trilogy that follows the battles between idealistic Mars colonists and a desperately overpopulated Earth dominated by transnational corporations with their own agenda. Sequels: Green Mars, Blue Mars
Fantasy and reality become blurred for Richard Forthrast when he starts his own online role-playing game, T'Rain, and finds himself caught in the middle of a virtual war for dominance in this cyberpunk masterpiece.
A time traveler to the present inadvertently brings something from the past that threatens all of humanity.
A young girl discovers the perfect, harmonious America of 2015 is not all it appears to be, and a truth that may have killed her parents.

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