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Sahara Jones wants to be a writer. She is embarrassed by the time she spent in special education and having to repeat fifth grade. Because she is afraid of what others will think, Sahara hides her writing. Her new teacher Miss Pointy encourages everyone in the class to keep a journal. Miss Pointy keeps the fifth grade in line and encourages the students to think differently. The fifth grade class becomes a community in a way Sahara never experienced at school before. With the support of Miss Pointy and her classmates, Sahara just might be able to believe in herself.
Greg Kenton loved money, and he was good at earning it and saving it. One day near the end of fifth grade, Greg made a big discovery. All the kids at school carried quarters with them: quarters for ice cream and cookies in the cafeteria, quarters for sparkly pencils at the school store, quarters for the juice machine. When he multiplied all those quarters by all those kids, Greg realized just how much money could be made at school. Greg worked hard to start his own comic book business. As soon as it was up and running, Greg had competition. Maura Shaw, his rival from across the street, started selling a comic book of her own. Would there be enough quarters in school for both of them to make money? And more importantly, how long could the comic book business continue before the principal gets involved?