Reluctant Readers

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The titles says it can learn all sorts of disgusting facts you never knew you wanted to know. This is a fascinating read.

Humorous poems with accompanying drawings will keep you laughing enough to want to check out other gems by Silverstein.

When Nick Allen decides to create a new word in order to give his dictionary loving teacher a difficult time, he never expects things to get as out of hand as they do.

Sweet and soft-spoken Charlie is invited, along with 4 other very greedy children, to take a tour of an eccentric man's chocolate factory.

Moxy does not want to read Stuart Little. However, she has to read it by tomorrow OR ELSE. Will she be able to fit it into her crazy schedule of planting a peach orchard and swimming in the water ballet?

Joey tends to act up, but he is a likable character and his shenanigans are entertaining.

Saturday starts off as an ordinary day for Cleo until an accident with her toy house causes her to need stitches. Cleo is a sweet character and her relationship with her siblings one kids can understand.

These graphic novels chronicle the adventures of an imaginative mouse.

As the young narrator will tell you, this is not a diary but a journal. Greg lets you into his life as a sixth grader as he documents his misadventures, complete with drawings. This is an extremely entertaining book.

Told through letters, journal entries and drawings, this book tells the story of siblings sent to a camp in order to learn how to get along.

A lover of potato chips and a victim of the awful class bully, Leon is back for more. In this book he takes part in a potato chip eating contest (clam chips, anyone?) and tries to bring the bully down.

Join third grader Judy Moody on her quest to make herself famous, predict the future, and celebrate herself. This is a series of books.

Clementine means well, but that doesn’t keep her out of trouble. A lovable character similar to Ramona, Clementine’s adventures will keep you giggling.

With the superhero Captain Underpants out to serve and protect, what could possibly go wrong?

A little boy shows up at the door of an elderly couple and confuses their world (along with the rest of London) by proclaiming that he was once an actual rat.

Wayside is a silly school filled with silly stories and therefore offers up some entertaining tales.

Travel back in time with the trio and witness important moments in history. Written by an author who firmly believes reading should be fun.

Oggie is perfectly happy being his unusual self, but then everyone discovers his talent for “charving”. He soon learns that fame is not something he wants but how can he get his life back to normal?