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*Hannah Barnaby[http://www.hannahbarnaby.com/] (''Some of the Parts'')
*Hannah Barnaby[http://www.hannahbarnaby.com/] (''Some of the Parts'')
*Kathryn Erskine[http://www.kathyerskine.com/] (''The Badger Knight'')
*Kathryn Erskine[http://www.kathyerskine.com/] (''The Badger Knight'')
*Kristen-Paige Madonia (''Invisible Fault Line'')
*Kristen-Paige Madonia[http://www.kristenpaigemadonia.com/] (''Invisible Fault Line'')
*Morganna Villaman[http://www.kristenpaigemadonia.com/] (''Death Match'')  
*Morganna Villaman (''Death Match'')  
*Allyson Johns
*Allyson Johns

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Read Local is a series of events designed to celebrate the authors in our communities.

Upcoming Events

Panel and Author Fair - Central Library

Saturday, November 5 at 10am-1pm

Join us for a celebration of local authors. The day begins with a discussion about writing in Virginia by a small panel of local authors.
Speaker Panel:

  • Marc Boston[1] (The Girl Who Carried Too Much Stuff)
  • Michelle Damiani[2] (Il Bel Centro)
  • Meredith Cole[3] (Dead in the Water)
  • Mary Morony[4] (Apron Strings Trilogy).

An author fair featuring a variety of authors in the area will follow the panel discussion.
Author Fair Participants

  • Elizabeth Sumner Wafler (In Robin's Nest)
  • Elsy Satheesan (Random Musings)
  • Carolyn O'Neal (Kinglsey)
  • Ella Rae Murphy (Maria Awakening)
  • Joseph B. Hicks (Sophie & Paige- Soccer Twins)
  • Fred Shackelford (The Ticket)
  • Brian Parrish (Talin and the Magic Moonbeam Metal Boy)
  • Michael T. Hemenway (Blue Lights in Your Mirror: A Guide to the Criminal Justice System for Students, Parents, Teachers, and Coaches)

Panel and Author Fair - Louisa County Library

Saturday, November 5 at 1-4 pm

Be inspired! Hannah Barnaby[5], author of Wondershow, along with other local authors will share their writing stories. Read, discuss, and connect with other writers and readers in our community. Local authors can sign-up and share their books with others. Please call or email Tiffany Duck at tduck@jmrl.org or 540-894-5853. Local author registration is required.

NaNoWriMo Author Panel - Gordon Avenue Library

Wednesday, November 16 at 7:00pm

It’s National Novel Writing Month here at Gordon Avenue. Local authors will be here to answer any of your questions about the writing process and have a book signing.
(Speaker Panel)

  • Hannah Barnaby[6] (Some of the Parts)
  • Kathryn Erskine[7] (The Badger Knight)
  • Kristen-Paige Madonia[8] (Invisible Fault Line)
  • Morganna Villaman (Death Match)
  • Allyson Johns