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(Rapunzels "Reads" of Fall 2012)
(Rapunzels "Reads" of Fall 2012)
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*December 20 [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?nims+island Nim's Island] by Wendy Orr and Kerry Millard
*December 20 [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?nims+island Nim's Island] by Wendy Orr and Kerry Millard
*September 20 [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/X?out+of+my+mind+draper Out of My Mind] by Sharon Draper
*January 17 [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/X?out+of+my+mind+draper Out of My Mind] by Sharon Draper
===Rapunzels "Reads" of Summer 2012===
===Rapunzels "Reads" of Summer 2012===

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The Rapunzels formed in the summer of 2008, and this wiki was first conceived of as a project for the Rapunzels!

Rapunzels "Reads" of Fall 2012

Rapunzels "Reads" of Summer 2012

Rapunzels "Reads" of Winter and Spring 2012

Rapunzels "Reads" of Fall 2011

Rapunzels "Reads" of Summer 2011

Rapunzels "Reads" of Winter/Spring 2011

Watch a video book talk from Storytubes on the Girls Read page.

Rapunzels "Reads" of Fall 2010

  • October 21 Savvy by Ingrid Law

Rapunzels "Reads" of Summer 2010

Rapunzels "Reads" of Spring 2010

The Rapunzels will meet the third Thursday of each month at 3:30 pm in the Greene County Library. Call the library for more information or to sign up. (434) 985-5227

Rapunzel "Reads" of Summer 2009


Rapunzels "Reads" of Summer 2008

"The Westing Game" is a mystery like none I've ever read. An awesome and sophisticated book really. I loved the true-to-life characters Ellen Raskin created, with all their quirks and weaknesses. This is a multi-layered story, which comments subtly on racism, female independence, snobbery, and greed. I tried keeping notes on the characters as I read, trying to figure out the murderer of Sam Westing, and the answer to the "Westing game" but gave that up after I'd accumulated several pages of notes. I didn't figure it out either until the author gave it away! Loved it! Littlegreenlibrarian 15:03, 7 June 2009 (EDT)
This is one of my very favorite books ever. I loved getting to know Gypsy and Woodrow and their families in this book, and, like the characters of all great books, they will live on in my head always. This book is great for anyone aged 9 and up. I've known many adults who loved it. "Belle" deals with some issues universal to all humans, loss of an important person, the importance of looks, and the stories we tell ourselves in order to survive loss. Littlegreenlibrarian 20:05, 7 June 2009 (EDT)