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Two year olds

What is the best way to be a princess ? "Be kind, like your father" said her mother."Be loving like your mother" said her father. The list goes on and on until the little princess decides how a princess should be.
The Queen tries to teach the Princess manners. When the Princess runs into a Beastie, she tries to teach it manners.
Even though the prince is a frog, all twenty-six princesses show up with their unique personalities. This is a fun alphabet book.
An inquisitive little girl asks all kinds of questions about what it means to be a princess. A mother and daughter get to the heart of the matter and find out what it really means to be yourself.

Three years old and Up

Princess Molly the Messy lives in a tower room in her castle. The rest of her royal family is neat and tidy. They complain about Molly's messy habits. Can they learn to appreciate her mess they way she does?
Princess Smartypants is happy being a Ms., living with her pets, and doing as she pleases. She is pretty and rich, so all the princes want her to be theirs. Princess Smartypants will only agree if they can complete the tasks she assigns them.
When a boy and a girl have to agree on a fairy tale to tell, they have two different ideas about what the story should be. They tell the tale together, and invent a mixed up story they both like.
A little girl draws a paper princess and cuts her out. Before she has a chance to add some hair, the princess blows away. The paper princess travels through the air, visiting a carnival, a town, and a jay while searching for some hair and the girl who created her.
No longer a favorite companion of the little girl, the paper princess longs to go out and make new friends. The dog tells her it's a hard world for small fragile things. Yet as a breeze carries the princess along she runs into a cat, a baby, and a boy. Finally a group of butterflies carry her on a long journey, where she finds a new friend.
Angelina goes with Miss Lilly to the palace to help teach a dance to the princesses. At first Angelina feels awkward and out of place. When Miss Lilly gets sick it's up to Angelina to teach them the dance.
Once there were three princesses who had everything anyone could ever want. However,they soon became bored. Thinking that servants had all the fun because they seemed so busy.Then the princesses became servants for a day. Who could believe there was so much to do? No matter how hard the work or how tired they got, they kept working, because Princesses are not quitters.
What would you do if you were a princess? Would you stay home from school and eat chocolate all day? This princess tells us what she would do.
Elizabeth's story begins where many princess stories end. She is a beautiful princess with beautiful clothes. She lives in a castle with plans to marry Prince Ronald. Everything changes when a dragon shows up, burns Elizabeth's castle and clothes, and takes Prince Ronald away. Determined Elizabeth, dressed only in a paper bag, must find a way to outsmart the dragon and rescue Ronald.
Three princesses live in a sad, dry, dusty land. Before the queen died it was covered in forests and filled with bird songs, but the heart has gone from the kingdom. The king holds a contest to choose which of the three princesses will rule when he is gone. Clever Suzanna and beautiful Miranda build impressive tall towers, but all shy Serenity can do is plant an apple pip. Will that be enough to win her father's approval?