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It's hard to believe that Percy, Annabeth and the gang have left Camp Half-Blood! Try these titles for similar adventures, mythological or not!

Vlad Tod, a half-vampire teen, loves dipping chocolate chip cookies in blood. He doesn't love his super-creepy English teacher, or the actual vampires who are trying to kill him. Eight grade just got a lot harder. Read the rest of the adventures in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.

Jack doesn't learn about his powers until he's sixteen, but then begins to train to take down wizards. Continue with the rest of the Heir series.

Will turns eleven and finds out he's on of the last of the Old Ones and that he'll see the signs that will help them beat the Dark. See what he does with this birthday present in the rest of the Dark is Rising sequence.

So, you're apprenticed to a Druid bard, but then you and your sister are kidnapped by Viking Berserkers. What do you do next? Go on a quest to Jotunheim, home of the trolls. Read more of Jack's story in The Sea of Trolls trilogy.

That's not a birthmark on Maddy's hand, it's a rune mark, and it means that she's about to team up with the Norse gods to change the fate of the world.

Hayley rockets through the mythosphere playing a game with her cousins and solving puzzles. Lots and lots of mythology!

Stephenie didn't just inherit a house from her uncle, she also got his talking skeleton friend. Now, the two of them are teaming with friends and foes to fight the Faceless Ones and save an unsuspecting world. Lot of work for an twelve year old. There's more to the series.

Jack is on his way back from a therapy appointment (he's seeing things that aren't there) when he meets a not-living girl in Grand Central Station. He follows her to the Underworld to find his mom and meets up with the same people (and dogs) that chased Percy. The sequel is The Twilight Prisoner.

Kendra and Seth are dumped on their grandparents farm, and instead of grandma, there's a giant chicken. That's not the weirdest thing, though; the whole place is a refuge for magical creatures and most of them hate Seth. Doesn't seem like they're going to make it through the coming war between the good and evil creatures! Check out the rest of the series .

Our world is listed in the Imaginarium Geographica, along with all the other magical worlds. If John, Charles and Jack don't defeat the Winter King in the other lands, ours may be doomed. Try the rest of The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica.

Percy's creator is back with Egyptian gods and goddesses! Carter and Sadie are brother and sister but they don't look alike and they really don't like each other. Too bad, because they have to rescue their dad, and the rest of the world, from Set, the god of the dead. Look for future Kane Chronicles books.

When twins Sophie and Josh's summer jobs explode, they are thrown into the ongoing battle over the secrets of immortality that draw in humans and magical creatures. The saga continues .

Dusie wanted presents for her thirteenth birthday, not a head full of snakes. Turns out, she's part Gorgon and has frozen the guy she likes. Better figure out how these snakes work!

Don't steal the most powerful magician's most powerful object with a djinni that can't stand you. You might blow up the world. Read more of the frenemies adventures in The Bartimaeus Trilogy.

An earthquake sends five teens into the future where they will have to battle on behalf of the world's different myths systems. There's more in the Avatars series.

Alfred Kropp isn't just a clumsy, unpopular orphan, he's also descendant of the Knights of the Round Table. That'll come in handy when he's fighting off ninjas on motorcycles for the lost sword Excalibur. Which he lost. See what other miracles he can pull off.