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For Younger Readers

The author's experiences as a teen during the Cultural Revolution in China, when she was forced to choose between loyalty to her family or the ideals of the new government.
A real-life Cinderella story, this memoir describes the author's painful experiences as a second-class citizen in her own home.
Recounts the author's hilarious adventures growing up -- and getting into trouble -- in rural Minnesota in the 1950's.
Tired of being an outsider in eighth grade, Maya decides to try to become popular by following the advice of a self-help book from the 1950’s.
Fans of Percy Jackson will enjoy these retellings of Greek myths from Percy’s perspective.
During this pivotal event in the Civil Rights struggle, 4,000 African-American students were arrested, succeeding in filling the jails and ultimately achieving desegregation. Told from the perspective of four of those protesters.
The story of a teenage girl's struggle with acalculia, a learning disorder that affects mathematical ability.
What does it mean to be beautiful? Who decides what beauty is? A thought-provoking look at the beauty industry and the concept of attractiveness in our society.
A fascinating account of the deadly epidemic that swept through the city of Philadelphia in the late eighteenth century.
The stories of several men and women who made major scientific breakthroughs by experimenting on themselves, exposing themselves to great danger -- even death.
The true story of explorer Ernest Shackleton, who with his crew was stranded in the Antarctic ice pack in 1915 with no ship and no way to contact the outside world.
The true story of the Nazi invasion of Denmark, in which many citizens risked their lives to hide Danish Jews or help them escape to Sweden.
Describes day-to-day life in Baghdad, Iraq, during the 2003 war, from the perspective of a 19-year-old girl.
The mysterious fate of the H. L. Hunley, the first submarine to sink an enemy ship, is explored using modern technology and science.

For Older Teens

A sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking memoir describing the author's childhood and teenage years in Cascade, Idaho.
The author looks back fondly at her childhood in a tiny Midwestern town.
A comic-book memoir that offers a unique and thoughtful commentary on growing up in Iran during the Islamic revolution.
The 19-year-old author writes about the varied and often humorous experiences of his teen years in a series of short essays.
The story of a 14-year-old boy's suicide attempt and his courageous journey back to physical and psychological health.
Can an Ivy-League graduate searching for his purpose in life succeed in the rough and tumble world of the Oakland, California Fire Department?
A chilling account of 14-year-old Emmett Till's brutal murder, which helped to trigger the Civil Rights movement.
The fascinating story of scientists' efforts to save the ivory-billed woodpecker from extinction.
Get down and dirty with this book that chronicles a year in the life of New York City's rat population.
Everything you ever wanted to know about what happens to the human body after death -- whether it is buried, cremated, or donated to science.
The teenage author's exciting experiences as a mountain climber, including his world-famous attempts to summit Mount Everest.
The remarkable story of a teenage girl's long-distance swimming training and accomplihsments, which include setting a world record for crossing the English Channel at age 15.