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Great Zeus! Think Greek, Roman, Norse and other gods are gone? See if these stories about contemporary teens change your mind!

A modern teen girl lives in California and is tested by life and love as Psyche, Echo, Eurydice and Persephone in this beautiful free-verse novel. Best for older teen readers.

Danu wanders in to a hippy restaurant where Joe (Jupiter) reveals that she is that month’s Zodiac Girl. Various gods and goddesses help her turn her life around. A nice light take on the myth scene. Try others in the Zodiac Girls series.

Hayley travels the mythosphere with her cousin where strands of myths from all times and places are connected. If she’s clever enough, she can free her parents, Cyrus (Sisyphus) and Merope (a Pleiade) and avoid the wrath of her Uncle Jolyon (Jupiter). Don't know your myths so well? Check out the descriptions in the back!

Funny take on the Cupid and Psyche story with an honest look at love and jealousy. Best for older readers.

John, Jack and Charles suddenly become the new keepers of the Imaginarium Geographica, the atlas of Archipelago of Dreams where all the lands that have ever existed in myth, legend, fable and fairy tale are mapped. They must bring King Arthur’s heir to the throne, defeat the Winter King and his automatons and bring the dragons back to Archipelago, thus restoring peace to their own world.