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Manga is an immensely popular format making it difficult to limit any list to a reasonable length. This list is a mix of JMRL Teen Librarians' personal favorites and big-name classic titles.

Brothers Edward and Alphonse battle evil while in pursuit of a Philosopher's Stone that may cure them of the results of an alchemic procedure that left one without an arm and a leg and the other trapped inside a suit of armor.
Sakura opens a book made by a magician, releasing cards that may cause evil unless she recaptures them. Cute and definitely appropriate for younger readers.
  • YA PB Kishimoto, Masashi Naruto (Action, Adventure, Drama)
The adventures of Naruto, who is in training to become the greatest ninja in Konohagakure.
  • YA PB Kubo, Tite Bleach (Supernatural, Action, Adventure, Horror)
Ichigo Kurosaki who has the powers of a Soul Reaper, takes on the task of protecting humans from evil spirits.
  • YA PB Mashima, Hiro Fairy Tail (Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy)
Lucy leaves home to join Fairy Tail, a wizards' guild, teaming up with another wizard to embark on various missions and adventures.
  • YA PB Mochizuki, Jun Pandora Hearts (Mystery, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Psychological Thriller, Romance)
At his coming-of-age ceremony, Oz is condemned to the Abyss for a sin he's unaware of, and with the help of a girl named Alice, he works to determine the truth about what has happened.
  • YA PB Nakamura, Yoshiki [Skip-Beat! (Romantic Comedy)
When Kyoko follows sho to Tokyo so he can succeed in the music business, her efforts to help him with his dream go unappreciated, until she begins to consider her own ambitions in the business.
  • YA PB Oda, Eiichiro One Piece (Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama)
Monkey D. Luffy wants to become a pirate even though he can't swim and his body has the properties of rubber,, but he teams up with a group of pirates for a series of swashbuckling adventures.
  • YA PB Takay, Natsuki Fruits Basket (Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy)
Recently orphaned Tohru goes to live with the Sohma family in exchange for housekeeping duties, discovering that everyone in the family has the curse of turning into their zodiac animal when they are hugged by a member of the opposite sex.

"XXXholic, not at all pornographic despite the title, follows the professional trade of Yuko, a space-time witch whose general purpose in life is to trade in wishes. She provides all manner of magical gifts and objects to those in need for a price. " (No Flying, No Tights)

"Hajime Kindaichi is a cocky amateur sleuth with amazing detective skills. Each volume is a conclusive murder mystery and can be read in any order. The well-designed mysteries cause readers to use both visual clues in the black and white art and textual clues in the writing to solve the murder mystery. Readers who like traditional whodunits will fall hard for this mystery series." (YALSA, p. 37)

A Few Definitions

  • Anime: The film equivalent to manga; animation that is created and produced in Japan.
  • Manga: Japanese comic books that are drawn on coarse paper in black and white and designed to be portable; they are sometimes read right-to-left (backwards).
  • Shojo: Manga with character-driven stories created primarily for young girls.
  • Shonen: Manga with strong action-themed stories primarily written for young guys (Tokyopop 2004).


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