Light Reads for Women

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These are well written books about families, relationships, and women's lives, but they're not super h-e-a-v-y. (You won't have to up your anti-depressant in order to finish them.)

This one by British author Trollope begins as Eleanor, an independent retired single career woman, invites two isolated young single mothers to a Friday evening at her house out of compassion and a desire to get them talking to each other. The group expands to include the single businesswoman next door, her female business partner, who is in a troubled marriage with an artist, and the wild punked-out younger sister of one of the women; all in transition, they struggle with change and life choices.
A name left in a book leads to correspondence and romance between London author Juliet Ashton and Guernsey farmer Dawsey Adams. Guersney residents formed the Literary Society as an alibi for their meetings during the WW II German occupation. Endearing characters add warmth to the story and place.