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These titles are mainly diversionary reading just for enjoyment by writers often tagged as "men's authors".

The latest of Le Carre's spy novels is au courant. It features Issa who is Chechen, Annabel who is a young German attorney, and Tommy Brue who is a British investment advisor. All are resident in Hamburg as are the hosts of characters who contribute to the action, the plot, and the resolution. Once started reading one does not want to leave this book.
Have you met Mickey Haller, a defense attorney, and Harry Bosch, a police investigator? These two memorable Connelly figures are at their best as they join forces to solve a crime in the author's latest page turner set in Los Angeles.
Henry Dampier, age 20, is busy selling Bibles he gets for free from charitable organizations. Real rogue Preston Clearwater quickly sees the potential Henry presents as an assistant in Clearwater's criminal ventures. Incorporated in this short novel are delightful Southern characters, locales, and love.
If ever there was middle aged man's "road trip book", this is it. Written from a man's point of view, a newly divorced, ex-farmer drives to each state. Along the way he picks up a former student from 20 years ago with ensuing robust sex. He visits a snake farm, meets up with his Hollywood producer son, and at each state drops off that state's puzzle piece from a colored, childhood USA puzzle. We travel with him as he ruminates about his life and realize that change, usually good, is going to happen to the best of us.
Driving speedboats, smoking expensive cigars, drinking fine whiskey, sex with a beautiful blonde Swedish doctor and relying on his cell phone for up-to-date info on the bad guys, Stone Barrington is living the big life in Key West, Florida...all on someone else's dime. The assignment: to get a wayward son to sign a contract to sell the family business in New York. Loitering With Intent (could the title reveal something of Stuart Wood's ironic humor??) provides a good story line with plenty of twists and turns, plenty of action...all without Stone breaking a sweat. A beach fantasy read for guys!