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Article is in the Juvenile Fiction, Diversity and Picture Books categories.

This list includes books on kindness and being friends for kids of all ages!

Picture Books

JBB Capucilli Blanket of Love

JP Cooke Full, Full, Full of Love

JP Cooney I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug

SP JP Gonzalez Call Me Tree = Llámame Á bol

JP Isadora Say Hello

JP Johnston A Small Thing but Big

JP Liu A Morning with Grandpa

JP Moon Lucy’s Picture

JP Nelson If You Plant a Seed

JP Rylant Life

JP Stein Because Amelia Smiled

JP Thong Fly Free!

JP Woodson Each Kindness

JP Yolen On Duck Pond

JP Young A New Friend for Sparkle

We Can Be Kind (Ages 6-7)

JE De Paola When Andy Met Sandy (series)

JP Fleming Bulldozer Helps Out

JP Graegin Little Fox in the Forest

J PB Green A New Friend

J Hayes Benny and Penny (series)

JP Kahn Big Red Lollipop

JP Lionni A Color of His Own

JP Parr It’s Okay to be Different

JP Rockliff My Heart Will Not Sit Down

JP Rockliff Chik Chak Shabbat

J 895.6 Kaneko Are You an Echo?

Ages 8 and Up

J Carter Forever or a Long Long Time

J Clasen The Haunted House Project

J Davies Nothing But Trouble

J Frank Armstrong & Charlie

J Hale Real Friends

J Lord Handful of Stars

J Mlynowski Upside Down Magic (series)

J O’Neill Princess Princess Ever After