Juvenile Mysteries

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Ted and his sister Kat are not exactly friends. Ted has a "disorder" which causes his brain to operate on a different system than everyone else's. Their cousin Salim comes to visit them in London and wants to see the city, especially the giant wheel called the London Eye. A stranger offers the three kids a free ticket on the Eye. Since Salim is the guest, he gets the ticket. Ted and Kat watch as Salim goes up in the wheel, but when his capsule comes back down, Salim is gone. How is it possible for someone to vanish from a sealed capsule? Using his unusual brain and memory for details, Ted looks for clues others don't see. As Ted finds clues, Kat moves to action. Their only chance to find Salim is to work together as a team.

On the eve of his eleventh birthday, Sam goes looking for hidden presents. In the attic of the building where he lives with his grandfather, Sam finds a newspaper clipping instead. Sam has trouble with reading, but he can read the word "missing," and he sees a small boy in the photo. Sam is reminded of something. Was it a dream, or something that happened to him long ago? Suddenly Sam questions his whole life with his grandfather Mack. When he is paired with a girl named Caroline for a school project, Sam asks her to help put together the bits and pieces of information they find as he remembers more and more.