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Mary Lennox is a sour child. She was raised in India with no friends, and an Ayah to wait on her. When cholera claims the rest of her household, Mary is sent to live in Yorkshire, England with an uncle she's never met. Mysterious Archibald Craven is often away, so Mary is left in the care of Mrs. Medlock the housekeeper, and Martha, a maid. At night Mary is haunted by cries inside the manor. She spends her days outdoors exploring the estate. She discovers a walled garden that has been locked tight for ten years. Intrigued by the stories she learns from Martha and her brother Dickon, Mary sets out to find the key and restore the garden. Mary's own stubbornness and determination help her revive all that was once abandoned at Misselthwaite Manor.
  • The Wild Children by Felice Holman (Set in the days following the Bolshevik Revolution)
After eleven-year-old Nicholas (Nick) Dray's grandmother (Gran) dies, Nick leaves behind the cotton field in Texas and heads to San Francisco. When he arrives, San Francisco is even more amazing than he'd imagined. There's just one problem: he has no food or shelter and no one will give him a job. Just when things begin to get better, there's a terrible earthquake and what's left of San Francisco begins to burn rapidly. What will happen to Nick? To find out you'll have to read the book yourself!
Florida in the early 1900's was very different from today. Ten-year-old Birdie Boyer has just moved with her family to an old farm. They plan to grow strawberries to make a living. The Slater family on the neighboring farm disagrees with the way the Boyers do things, and they cause some trouble for Birdie's family. Kids at school call the Boyer girls "uppity," and hogs and bad weather threaten to ruin the strawberry crop. The Boyers celebrate some good times too, such as a trip to town or making candy from sugar cane. This story is written in "Cracker" dialect, as Birdie and her family call themselves. It offers a glimpse into the challenging life of Florida farmers long before the resorts and amusement parks were built.
Things are changing in Annemarie's world. It is 1943 and the Germans have occupied Denmark. Now :Annamarie must learn what it means to be brave as she helps shelter her closest friend from the Nazi's. Will she have the courage to do what is needed?
Every August Joey and Mary Alice visited their Grandma Dowdel in an Illinois town so small people stopped to watch the train pass through. Each story in this book takes place in a different year, beginning the summer of 1929 when Joey was nine and Mary Alice was seven. Grandma is the most colorful character in the book, full of gumption and ahead of her time. At first Joey and Mary Alice are quietly shocked by her behavior, but as they grow older, they get in on the fun.
Young Alexander's father goes to goes to buy new horses for his calvary. Alexander goes with King Phillip and sees a horse no one seems able to tame. But Alexander can ride him! He convinces his father to buy it for him, but he is sent away to school and returns four years later at the age of sixteen. Alexander has not forgotten Bucephalas, though. Ride into battle with Alexander the Great and his faithful horse, Bucephalas, as they conquer Europe, Asia, and Egypt!
Thirteen year old Hannah is annoyed that she has to attend her family's Passover Seder. Her relatives always talk about the same old things, often in Yiddush, which she doesn't understand. To them, remembering the past is important. When Hannah opens the door for the prophet Elijah, she is transported into a village in Poland in the 1940's. People there call her Chaya, and believe she is a cousin from another village. The longer Hannah stays there, the more she becomes Chaya, forgetting her life in New Rochelle, New York. As Chaya and her family are on their way to a wedding, they are seized by Nazi soldiers and sent to a concentration camp. Rumors spread throughout the camp about what's really going on and what will happen to them. From somewhere deep in her memory, Chaya knows the truth. The experience of the concentration camp changes Hannah/Chaya forever.