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Article in Adult Fiction, Romance, and Read-Alikes

This is a list of read-alikes for Jojo Moyes. Jojo Moyes is the English best-selling author of Me Before You, The Last Letters to Your Lover, and One Plus One. Her fiction explores romance and complications of family, death, and relationships. With intriguing characters, sharp wit, and a beautiful writing style, her books are heart-felt page turners.


F Ahern P.S. I Love You F Berg Tapestry of Fortunes F Buchan Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman F Chamberlain The Midwife’s Confession F Cleave Gold F De los Santos Belong to Me F Diffenbaugh The Language of Flowers F Evison The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving F Genova Love, Anthony F Green Tempting Fate F Hannah Home Again F Jackson Someone Else’s Love Story F Jewell The Third Wife F Keyes Watermelon F Millay The Sea of Tranquility F Moriarty What Alice Forgot F Nicholls One Day F Picoult The Storyteller F Roorbach The Remedy for Love F Shipstead Astonish Me F Shortridge Love, Water, Memory F Simsion The Rosie Project F Smolinski The Next Thing on My List F Strohmeyer Kindred Spirits F Toews All My Puny Sorrows F Williams A Hundred Summers F Wolitzer The Ten-Year Nap