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What do you think of this for a draft: J-MRL Reads is a place for you to both find and leave information about books. We are collecting suggestions for good reads from library staff members and from our users. Check back often for updated lists or add your own favorites.

This wiki is run by the staff of Jefferson-Madison Regional Library (Charlottesville, Va.) For technical questions contact or If you're new to wikis check out the pages under the section "Help for Using the Wiki". Please play nicely in the wiki. Check out Guidelines for Use of the Wiki. This wiki and all content herein is licensed under the [Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike] license of [Creative Commons]. To use content on this wiki you'll need to check the terms of the license.

Wiki User Community

Anyone can edit this wiki! Please feel free to add new sections, new pages, and edit content already here. You can also add external links, as appropriate. You do need to register (create an account) to be able to edit though. This helps protect the wiki from vandalism and spam. When registering click the button to send email confirmation. You'll get an email shortly, which will contain a link. Click the link to send confirmation of your email address. Once you've done this you should be able to log in and edit away. Please do give your real name when registering (though your real name need not be your user signature). Authors may not promote their own books on this wiki!

Every page has a history tab. Click it to see the editing history of the page, which also shows the signature of the user that made the changes or edits. Every page has a discussion tab as well, where users can make comments or talk back and forth about a page. When you write on a discussion page you should sign your entries.

If you're going to edit the wiki, it would be nice if you would add yourself to the Wiki User List. Your entry in the list can link to your user page where you can write a bit about yourself. If you edit the wiki a lot, you may establish a reputation, and users may like to know who you are.

Help for Using the Wiki

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