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Welcome to the wiki! "JMRL Reads" is a place for you to both find and leave information about books. By that we mean the kind of information that helps people find good books for leisure reading. This wiki was originally conceived of as a project for a girls book group called "The Rapunzels" in the summer of 2008 at Greene County Library. The picture is in honor of the seriousness with which these girls addressed their reading. Rapunzel, in her tower, is doing something very important. Better luck to the prince below next time. We're sure he eventually gets her attention.

This wiki, like all wikis, is all about the power of collective knowledge. Librarians are constantly asked for advice about what to read, and we often find ourselves wishing we had a particular person beside us, because that person reads extensively in the area we're being asked about. He or she is the expert, but alas, is not present. With the wiki they can be.

The question of what to read is never trivial. Books do change lives. Be assured that we all do need each other in order to find the best books. So share what you know!

The picture and logo are by Kyla Lovelace.

This wiki is run by a group of librarians at Jefferson-Madison Regional Library (Charlottesville, Va.) For technical questions contact or Anyone may edit the wiki. It belongs to the user community. If you're new to wikis see below for guidelines and tips on editing the wiki. Please play nicely in the wiki. Abusive or inappropriate content will be deleted, as will content that is commercially motivated.


You will need to register to use the wiki and provide an email adddress so that we can prevent spam and vandalism on the wiki. If you are recommending books on the wiki, and we assume you are, since that is the point, please sign your articles/edits, so that we can ascertain that you are not an author promoting your own works on the wiki. Once you register for the wiki, you can add your name to the Wiki User List and from there add your own profile page, so that users know who you are and can contact you.


This is the alphabetized list of categories that are in the wiki. It is different from the table of contents which only shows the hierarchical headings. The Categories page is the place to look to see quickly what's here and it's easy to find because the link is right on the Main Page. If you're adding a new category please add it to the list on the Category Page, and keep it alphabetical (within the broad groupings of adult, juvenile, and young adult) so it works kind of like an index. You can also add subpages off of any pages already here.

It's easy to add a page! First go to the Category Page. Locate your cursor at the end of the line just before where you want to put your new category. Hit enter to make room for a new line. Then, just enter the title of the new page inside double brackets. Save (the save button is at the bottom of the page--you may have to scroll down to see it), and you've created a link to the new page. Click on your link, and you'll be taken to the new page, where you can begin adding content.

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