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Article in Young Adult Fiction, Read-Alikes, and Adventure categories.

If you loved Katniss and Peeta and the struggle in Panem, try some of these similar titles:

  • Feed by M.T. Anderson

A normal trip to the moon turns epic when Titus realizes that he doesn't have to live with the head implant that controls everyone he knows, except the mysterious Violet

Can Mara lead her people from the the floods of their homeland to the unknown sky cities?

Cosmo, sick of being a guinea pig, busts out of his orphanage and meets up with a gang who are killing the Parasites that are invisible to most people. But are the Parasites the real enemy?

Thomas appears in the Maze with no memory and off-schedule and has to fight both the other guys there and the creepy Gladers. But what are they to make of the first girl to show up and her mysterious message?

High school hacker Marcus turns his free gaming system into X-net to fight the excesses of Homeland Security after the bombing of the Bay Bridge.

Humans were forced into hiding in the city of Ember over 200 years ago, but the lights are starting to go out. It's up to Lina and Doon to figure out an ancient message and save the city. But should they stay?

Matt's a clone of an evil drug lord. But unlike other clones, he can still think for himself and must decide if he's brave enough to escape and fix the mistakes he's made.

  • Rash by Pete Hautman

Bo's accused of spreading a rash at school and sent to a work in a pizza factory in the tundra. His computer program, Bork, wants to free him, but can Bork be trusted? And does Bo want to go back to his highly-regulated old life?

In becoming one of only two people with his community's memories, Jonas is horrified to learn the truth no one else knows.

Children aren't needed when no one dies, but Anna's parents broke the rules. Should she break out of her dorm/prison and find them or keep her head down?

Sym's "uncle" Victor sneaks her into Antarctica. If she can't trust him, how will she survive at the bottom of the world?

The Noise germ caused all the men and boys to hear each other's thoughts and killed all the women and children. So what is Todd to make of Viola and the secrets his town holds?

All Brian has after a plane crash is a hatchet and the survival skills he learned. Can he keep himself alive?

Miranda's journal describes how her family and town comes together and fall apart when the moon falls out of orbit and life as she knew it ends.

An earthquake has destroyed most of earth, and most people's intelligece. Is Spaz brave enough to help Ryter publish a book?

In a world where cities can move and take over smaller towns, Tom is betrayed and exiled to the Out-Country.

Teens Connor, Ris and Lev are traveling the country so they aren't unwound, having the body parts used by others.

Tally thinks that becoming Pretty forever is a good idea, until she leaves the city and finds people who are fighting the system. Can she do it without betraying her friends?