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Get your laughter fix with these novels full of situational humor and exceptional wit.

In this compilation of interlinked darkly comic stories, Alexie weaves memory, fantasy, and realism in a grim portrait of life centered around the Spoke Indian Reservation.
A kind-hearted pet store owner and an antagonistic forensic plumber must come together after being accused of and chased as wanted terrorists. This will have fans of slightly off-color humor laughing out loud.
When Gunnar Kaufman, an awkward black surfer bum, moves to LA, he undergoes a transformation from outcast to basketball star to reticent messiah of a “divided, downtrodden people.” Both sharp wit and social commentary come together in this novel.
First Lady Beth McMann goes on trial when she kills her presidential husband, who is caught philandering in this satire targeting the legal profession and the Washington establishment.
Nick Naylor, lobbyist for the tobacco industry, meets with colleagues from alcohol and firearms -- "the merchants of death" -- to brag about who is most resented. But Nick, pursued by anti-smoking terrorists, the FBI, and ambitious but unscrupulous industry executives, is winning hands down and is, suddenly, very unhappy about it.
In this dark mystery-comedy, devout Buddhist and cop Sonchai Jitpleecheep seeks revenge for the murder of his partner in a city known for its crime and corruption.
When police begin to notice connections among the decade-long trail of bodies across Florida, will loveable vigilante Serge Storms finally be caught? Fans of Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry will enjoy this series full of kooky characters and hijinks.
Instead of a typical graduation speech, Denis instead exposes his love for fellow classmate Beth Cooper, the head cheerleader, who barely knows he exists, and whose large boyfriend is back on furlough from the Army.
Two suitors, one Rose and 199 species of birds combine in this charmingly entertaining, light romance set in Nairobi, Kenya. This book has been compared to Alexander McCall Smith's "Number One Ladies' Detective Agency" – not only due to its setting, but its flavor, as well. Cozy and kind, the story introduces the reader to the culture, politics, and wildlife of Kenya, as it invites you into the lives of a tight ensemble of captivating characters. When asked in an interview what feeling the author hoped readers would feel upon finishing this book, he answered, "just happy with life." For this reader, the author has succeeded.
This authorial dynamic duo masters dark humor in this novel about an angel, demon, and unwilling Antichrist who, having grown accustomed to their lifestyles on Earth, are not too thrilled about the upcoming End of the World. A hilarious, irreverent, and thoughtful book about the nature of Good and Evil.
George is 61, convinced he is dying of cancer, disappointed by his children, and realizing his mind is going -- a "spot of bother" for a very reserved British maker of playground furniture and a ticking bomb for his daughter's upcoming wedding. Haddon makes the truly gruesome wonderfully comic and reveals the humanity of his quirky characters.
Amish-zombie-teen romance novelist Mia and her husband Mac buy their first home in the Chicago suburbs, encountering misadventures with unfriendly neighbors, a nasty homeowners’ association, and harrowing DIY renovations.
As part of a dysfunctional family of private investigators, Izzy Spellman lives life as a series of capers --spying on dating prospects, escaping the prying eyes of her parents, and one last case of a missing man, before she’s allowed to quit her job at Spellman Investigations. If you enjoy this, continue with Curse of the Spellmans.
Moore’s outrageous and bawdy writing style merges with the world of the French impressionists in this historical fantasy featuring artists Toulouse-Lautrec and Renoir, and a mysterious woman called Blue.
When 14-year-old Johanna Morgan embarrasses herself on TV, she attempts to remake herself as Dolly Wilde, a fast-talking fast-drinking gothic hero and Lady Sex Adventurer. But what happens when she realizes that she’s created Dolly with a fatal flaw?
Lucy Fisher returns from her crummy vacation and finds she’s been kicked to the curb by her fiancé and fired from her job. Despondent, she moves in with her sister and then is hit by a bus. In the afterlife, she must learn proper ghosting, and her mischievous grandmother teaches her how to have the time of her death.
Perrotta explores the complications of love, thugs, higher education, and the food industry in this comic novel about Yale student Danny, whose Spring Break is spent working in his father’s lunch truck in New Jersey.
When Charlotte’s flaky husband walks out of her life, she encounters crippling anxiety in facing her future. That is, until co-worker Francesca introduces her to the unpredictable world of roller derby and she learns how to stand on her own two feet.
This is a fast-paced CIA adventure full of humor in Robbins’ traditional style, starring protagonist called Switters, who is the epitome of contradiction – an anarchist government worker pacifist who carries a gun.
When Bee’s agoraphobic mother Bernadette disappears, she tries to track her down via emails, official documents, and secret correspondence.
Tired of dating women who don’t match up well with him, Professor Don Tillman conducts a survey to weed out unqualified candidates. But when Rosie enters the picture, he finds that outliers should not always be discarded.
Sonny Walker has put on 75 lbs. since he began dating Marsha, but when their relationship begins to go south, he goes on an all-out plan to lose weight in this hilarious and self-affirming tale.
Amy Gallup is a washed-up writer whose bright spot now involves teaching a weekly writing class at a university. When she begins receiving threats and a student is murdered, she must enlist of the help of the entire class to find the killer. A strange cast of characters and witty writing make this a fun read.

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