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Middle Readers

  • Surviving the Applewhites, by Stephanie Tolan – 13-year-old Jake has been kicked out of every school in his state – his only hope now is to survive the eccentric family responsible for his home-schooling.
  • Libby on Wednesday by Zilpha Keatley Snyder is another story about an 11-year-old home-schooled girl entering public school for the first time – in an accelerated 8th grade program.
  • Ida B by Katherine Hannigan – Ida’s ideal farm life, which included homeschooling by her parents – is disrupted when her mother is diagnosed with cancer and she is sent to fourth grade in public school.
  • Savvy by Ingrid Law features a home-schooling family with special abilities.
  • Skellig by David Almond – Michael, coping with issues at school and in his family, encounters a strange being in his garage and turns to his home-schooled friend Mina for support.
  • Schooled by Gordon Korman features Cap Anderson, home-schooled by his hippie grandmother until she becomes ill – when he must transition to public seventh-grade.
  • Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, is the sequel to Stargirl. In the sequel, home-schooled Stargirl writes to her ex boyfriend Leo to describe her new life after she moved.

Older YAs

  • Feed, by M. T. Anderson - features a home-schooled girl who is an individual not deceived by the brain manipulation evident in others.
  • Alice, I Think, by Susan Juby – Fifteen-year-old Alice is finally sick of being at home and wants to be “normal” – until she realizes that what makes her family crazy is also what makes them special. Alice’s story is continued in Miss Smithers and then Alice Macleod, Realist At Last.
  • Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger – Grady is attempting more of a transition than just home-school to mainstream. He used to be Angela, but that never felt right. Now he is struggling to find his place within his home-schooling family and his new public school friends.