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Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Egan tells the story of the settlement of the southern American plains, how a bill of goods called "dry land farming" was sold to those who came, and how despite the warnings of the cowboys and early explorers, the grassland of the plains, which had protected the soil in this land of desert like dryness for thousands of years, was plowed under in the space of a few years in the rush to capitalize on a boom in wheat prices. In 1929 wheat prices failed with the glut on the market, and then came the predictable long years of drought, when the unrestrained dust rose up and buried the debt ridden farms. Beautifully written history.
Thomas Friedman clarifies just how the world is truly changing into the oft-discussed ‘global community’. The ‘flattening’ of the world refers to the metaphorical leveling of the playing field as a direct result of the technical advances of the digital revolution. He enables the reader to make sense of the rise of India and China, along with numerous smaller countries that can now take advantage of the political and economic barriers that are falling. It is an insightful and important work, full of anecdotes that bring complex economic theories to life.