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Getting started

In order to add content to the wiki, you must create an account and then log in. Click the "log in/create account" link on the top row, and on the resulting page click the "Create an account" link. You will need to enter:

  • a preferred username
  • a password
  • confirm your password
  • your e-mail address. (While this is labelled "optional," the J-MRL Reads wiki requires that you "confirm" your account by responding to an e-mail sent you by the wiki.

You can now log in through the "Log in/create account" screen. You should take a moment to set your preferences by clicking the "preferences" link on the top row. This allows you to give your real name, set pages to "watch" and arrange for e-mail notification of various types of changes to the wiki.

Editing an existing page

When you are logged in, you will see an "edit" tab just above the page title. Click this to get a screen with the "code" for the page and a row of editing buttons. On pages with multiple sections, you can also click links marked "Edit" beside section titles.

The simplest thing to do is to copy a section of the text whose format you want to follow, paste it into the new location, and then type your own content over the old.

You can also type in your content and then use the buttons above the editing screen to "format" your entry. Most of these work upon a section of text that is highlighted.

  • The "B" button makes the highlighted text bold.
  • The "I" button makes the highlighted text italic.
  • The "Ab" button links to a page whose name is that of the highlighted text. If no such page exists, a blank page, ready for editing, will be created with that name. This is how you can start a new page.
  • The globe button makes the highlighted text a link to a web site. You will have to add the URL after the opening bracket and insert a space between the URL and the link text.
  • The "A" button creates what the wiki calls a "Level 2 Headline." This makes the highlighted text appear in a larger font and also creates the "contents" bars on the page. You should be careful to use it in headers for sections that are more or less equivalent to other level 2 headlines.
  • The picture, trumpet, and square root symbol are used to embed images, media files, and mathematical text respectively. Since these require files to be uploaded to the server, check with an administrator if you wish to embed images or media files. You can, however, create a link to a YouTube video with the following syntax:

<center> {{#ev:youtube|-dnL00TdmLY|300}}</center>