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Article in [[:Category:Personal Picks|Personal Picks]]category.
Article in [[:Category:Personal Picks|Personal Picks]] category.
Recommended by '''Benji'''
Recommended by '''Benji'''

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Article in Personal Picks category.

Recommended by Benji

"What does 'growing up' mean? Annie Dillard attempts to answer this question as she traces her life from early childhood to adolescence. Rich in language. Wonderfully descriptive."

"This classic is one of my favorite books, ever. Every time I read it, I'm delighted All over again."

"This may be my favorite YA novel, ever. It will make you laugh, cry and want to read it all over again as soon as you finish the last page."

"A masterpiece, from the Golden Age of Russian Literature"

"Steinbeck at his best. A 20th Century retelling of the Cain and Abel story."

"Find out what happens when Charlie Bucktin, bookworm and ideal student, gets mixed up with Jasper Jones, the local outcast. A great read."

"A great debut fantasy novel. Harry Potter for adults."

"A great read for kids, teens or adults. This Newbery Honor book will leave you feeling enchanted."

"I loved this book as a child. As an adult, I appreciate it even more."

"This is the first book in one of my favorite children's series. Great for kids and gown-ups alike."

"A profound retelling of a classic myth. C.S. Lewis thought this was his best book, and I agree."

"Harper Lee's masterpiece will be around forever. If you haven't, you might as well read it. You'll be glad you did."

"This book is perfect for someone looking for a new Young Adult series. Magic and mafia collide, leaving you hungry for Red Glove, the next in the series."

Recommended by Cathie

"Callie would prefer to spend her time in the woods with her grandfather studying nature rather than prepare for the life her parents have planned for her. A sweet story written with humor."

"Tony Hendra writes about his life with humor recounting the part Father Joe played. Candid and inspirational."

"A story of beauty and hope by the author of the Secret garden."

"Dave Barry brings his humor to this prequel to Peter Pan that is filled with adventure and magic."

Recommended by Donna

"Historic pictures of Charlottesville."

"Old Urban Drama"

Recommended by Glynis

"A delightful tale of resourceful singing ladies, helpful chickens and hungry sheep."

"A porcine romp with a pig with personality. All adventures end with wonderful helpings of hot buttered toast."

"Wonderful free-verse poems bring out the personalities of a motley crew of canines."

"A fantastic fantasy adventure of a young girl who must step into her father's shoes to defeat the undead. An ancient spirit embodied in the surly cat Mogget is a most memorable character."

When the king and queen argue about what is delicious, it is up to a young boy to cross the kingdom asking people what they think and falling into adventure."

"A lovely, warm story of kindness in unexpected places. Jane Dyer's illustrations are magical."

"A quirky cast of characters bring to life this tale of a Beefeater in the tower of London who is reluctantly but in charge of the Queen's exotic animals."

"Meloy, lead singer and songwriter for the Decemberists, has taken on children's fantasy and created a charming tale."

Recommended by Meredith

"Lots of threads come together. Great writing, entertaining."

"Gaiman is a fantastic storyteller. Just go along for the ride."

"A thrilling challenge"

"artful simplicity, atmospheric"

"A charming romance but also a satirical comedy"

"Thrilling, sharp, unique"

"Atmospheric, emotional, character driven. Well-written."

"Charming little gem. Read anything by him."

"Epistolary style; great fun. Clever wordplay, thoughtful, lightly satirical."

"Darling. Someone else called it 'lovably odd.' A gem."

"Romantic magical realism. Follow it up with Sugar Queen.'

"Poignant, funny coming-of-age. Prepare to be charmed."

"A series of linked vignettes, character-driven humor and pathos."

"Great Story about relationships,family. Wonderful use of language. Follow up with 'Belong to Me"

"Harry Potter/Narnia but for adults."

"Fiction- moving, elegant."

"All the action and intrigue of the best swashbuckler, with amazing artwork."

"Charming portrayal of human foibles, pitch-perfect pacing and diction."

"Three stories inter-wind; sensual; Virginia"

"Not for everyone: Palahnuik is rough around the edges. But I liked the unique structure. great Storytelling. it's not" boring.

"slightly darker than the series of Thursday Next, but with the same smart wordplay, allusions, banter, satire. Speculative fiction at its most fun."

"compelling, exciting, thought-provoking."

"Pick this up if you liked Donna Tartt's A Secret History- Literate intrigue."

"1st in series. Madcap. Has the snappy dialogue and fast pace of a screen play."

"A unique story told by an amazing illustrator."

"Precious protagonist,funny endearing"

"A convincing recreation of a historical time and place- cultural conflicts in a colonial outpost, with all its inherent eccentricities. Romance, intrigue, humor. "

"Personable non-fiction. You will want to play scrabble. Great Characters."

Recommended by Yvonne

" The first book in the Mitford series. Mitford will feel like your hometown after you learn the characters."

"A little boy's astounding story of his trip to heaven and back."

"First book of the Miss Julia series. Each one is a light, delightful read."

"Moving Story"

"Excellent book on Hurricane Camille."

"Moving; Could provide hope for parents of autistic children."