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Reclaim your Wardrobe! ... DIY Style Resources

techniques for making clothes, accessories, and things to make you beautiful!

  • Subversive Seamster, by Melissa Alvarado – this book is for when you're ready to take your sewing skills to the next level.
  • The Yestermorrow Clothes Book, by Diana Funaro – okay, I _know_ this one looks dated – but look beyond the decade and see that it has very good

descriptions of the techniques used to re-form and re-fit clothes from one style to another. Use these techniques to take your thrift-store finds and update them in your own fresh style.

Glam It Up! ... YA fiction about fashion

  • Ripped at the Seams, by Nancy Krulik – Can Sami Granger make it as a fashion designer in NYC? How about after her hottie boss steals her designs?